Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hey Everyone!! Well it is the middle of May and I thought I would just send some pictures and update everyone what has been going on the past 2 weeks. We left on April 30th at 8pm from Orem, Utah. 5 mins from driving on the freeway our tarp on our truck would not stay on, well it was holding all of our stuff. The wind was blowing soooo bad. So we pulled over and fixed it, 5 mins later again the tarp was blowing off, so Adam and I pulled over again, Adam and I were out in the freezing cold wind and it looked like it was about to snow. So after spending 50 mins in the cold we finally fixed it! We met our friends in Park City, Utah. Heading up there Adams eyes were getting soo bad from allergies that he couldnt see,so I ended up driving. Once we got to Park City we got rope for the tarp and tied it down good. IT wasnt going anywhere. It was one long trip. I drove till about 4 in the morning and I was sooo exausted because we were moving all day long then we had to do this long drive. Adam tried to sleep most of the time, but he was having a hard time breathing through his nose and his eyes were killing him. So he decided to drive at 4 to 6. I drove from 6 till about 10ish. We stopped for breakfast in Nebraska and we had to buy a new tarp because the other one was ripping. Once we got a new one the guys tied it down, samething happend 5 mins with driving the tarp was flying off and also the new tarp was ripping. SOOo we pulled off one more time and they guys fixed it. The tarps were going now where now haha!!! Then Adam took over driving the rest of the way which we got here in Kansas at 3pm May 1st. It was one long trip. Alaya did awesome though, she slept most of the way except the last 2 hours. So it made it really easy for me because I was driving and Adam wasnt feeling well. Once we got to Kansas, we unloaded everything into our new Apartment. Adam went to the doctor and got an allergy shot and got some other medication. He was feeling better by the time he got back, It was great! That night we kept hearing sirens going off. After the last siren there was this huge storm, it was thundering and lightning like crazy, and the wind was blowing like 100mph. It was crazy! The next day we found out that it was a tornado warning. Adam started work that saturday! He has been working really hard and has gotten 5 sales already! He has been working really long hours. Monday- Friday he works from 12pm to 10pm. Saturdays 9am to 10pm. While Adam is at work Alaya and I just hang out here at home. There are also some other wifes that we hang out with and go shopping with. They are all alot of fun! Alaya went to nursery last sunday all by herself and LOVED IT. Kansas is really pretty there is grass everywhere you go and lots of trees, we do miss the mountain view. Everyone is also really nice and always says HI. Our apartment is bigger than our old condo so that is nice. We have alot of room and a garaged that we cant use cause Adams truck is too big but we still use it for all our boxes. In our complex it is all gated, we have a swimming pool, hot tube, sauna, gym, car wash with vacum, putting green, lil parks, tennis courts and about 1,000 dogs. Haha! I have never seen so many dogs in a apartment complex. Well there are a lot of pictures so there are two emails. There are pictures of when we went to the zoo one last time with my sister and her girls, Alayas friend Hazle, Alaya and I being bored at home in Kansas, pictures of our new place. Hope you all enjoy!!!! Write me and let me know how you are doing, I love to hear back from you all. Wel love and miss you alll!!!