Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A year and half.

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Most of you may know that Adam and I have been trying for a year and half now on getting prego with our 2nd. Well I finally went to the Doctor last October to see what is wrong. Well he found a cyst and then said I might have endometriosis (which my mom and sister has both had). Well I never went to get a ultra sound to see if I did have endometriosis, I just kept telling myself that It would happen when the Lord thinks it is best. Well after the long year and half of waiting we ARE FINALLY PREGO!! When we got out here to Maine I wasn't feeling so well and then I also missed my period (I kept good track of when I was suppose to start and so forth). I have had my period late for about 3 weeks before so I was very hesitant to take a test cause I thought it was just another cyst stopping my period from coming. But I there was still that lil part of me wanting to take a test. haha! So I went to the store, got two tests, came home took it and sure enough it was positive. I will be 12 weeks on Sunday. I started bleeding about a week and half ago. So Adam took me to the ER and they did a ultra sound and checked everything out and everything looks good and the baby looks healthy so far.They were so nice and gave us a few pictures of our baby. So I had my first doctors apt a week ago and I am due Dec 15. We are very excited and are looking forward to what we are gonna have. That is our big news for now!!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A day out on the lake.

One of the many frogs we saw that day.

Adams parents had this cute ore for Alaya.
Alaya loved being with Adam when he was paddling.

Our mouths are full of sunflower seeds!

Here is our Canoeing trip that we took. This lake is about 5 mins from Adams parents house. There are so many lakes and rivers around here, it is just crazy! Alaya at first had nothing to do with getting into the canoe then Adam told her it was like Pocahontas, then she got right into the canoe. She loved it! We went around part of lake shore and was looking for frogs. We found a few but they were just too fast. But we did see this one that we couldn't get to cause it was so shallow but too muddy to step in the water. But I was able to snap a cool picture of it. Everything is going good here, just staying really busy. Adam is working 3 jobs, I am doing massages and taking care of Alaya. It has been raining a lot here so not many days outside. But hopefully after May it will be more sunny and warmer. Well hope everyone is well and I will try to update again sooner!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Sorry, Alayas face is kinda fuzzy!
I look way tired in this picture, oh well.

This is how I found the dog the other day. Alaya took all the kitchen towels and covered the dog up with them. Jasmine is such a great dog for Alaya. Alaya always is bossing her around telling her what to do. Sorry the picture is sideways.
I came to the library today to do a huge post of some things we have been doing these past couple of weeks and I forgot to upload all my pictures onto my computer before I left the house! So I will have to do it later this week. Hope everyone is having a great week!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Walking in the woods

Alaya jumping on the tree

Everything still looks a little dead in this picture haha!

These are the woods behind Adams parents house. The woods scare me first of all expecially that I have a kid. I have a fear of getting lost in the woods! Anyways we have gone on a lot of walks on this trail behind their house and it is about 2-3 miles and Alaya will walk the whole thing. All the trees are finally blooming and everything is becoming way green. Ill post more pictures once everything is a live and green