Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sept Update

Alaya feeding the goats

This is seriously the biggest cow I have ever seen, It was taller than Adam and he is 6ft. It looked like it should be a horse.

Alaya with the chickens

Looking at all the different kind of chickens

After our hike

Alaya and Adam going down.

We were on the top of MT Bald

Can you see Alaya?

Taking a lil break

The first break

After not working out for 6 months this hike about killed me haha! Alaya was kicking my butt, she had to wait for me :@)
Alrighty it has been awhile since I have updated. First things first we went on this hike a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was just going to be a flat hike cause Adam said it takes about 40 mins to for a normal person. Well when we started hiking I then realized that it was all going to be up a MOUNTAIN!! haha!! I had to stop a lot of times, I just kept cramping and my stomach would get really hard. But we made it up to the top,finally after an hour haha! Then on the way down, almost done with the hike Alaya fell and scratched her nose all up. It was a good fun hike! It was Alayas first mountain to HIKE! The other pictures are the Farmington Fair. Alaya loved all the animals and rides. We walked around just looking at all the different things they have at the fair and they always have very interesting stuff and also people. haha!! We are heading back to Utah on OCTOBER 10th!!!! We will be driving back, it is a 36 hour drive but im sure it will take us much longer with Alaya and I. Adam has to be back in Utah by the 15th for an EMT oriantation to get his Utah License. Alaya and I wont acutally be in Utah until the end of Oct. We are going to go stay with my parents for a couple of weeks while Adam gets a job and a place for us to live. So hope and pray that he can get a job fast!! Then by the time Alaya and I get back to Utah I will be about ready to have this boy! I have my last ultra sound here on Oct 5, then I will finish out my apt in Utah :@). I think that is about all for now! I will have hopefully some more pictures to post soon.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fun Town Slash Town USA

23 Weeks

Adams mom

Alaya rode this ride like 10 times and evertime she picked this horse.

Alaya was so brave and went down the water slide all by herself.

Alaya and Anna

Alaya and Anna in the airplane.

Alaya and Anna
I am finally able to braid Alayas hair in pigtails.
Last friday we went to Fun Town Splash Town USA in Saco, ME. It was a lot of fun but very exausting for me at the same time. Just being on my feet all day just about killed me but it was fun to see Alaya having a good time. Adam got a new job, he will be coaching the 7th grade boys soccer team, starting tomorrow!! We were hoping he would get the job cause it pays good. It is only for 6 weeks long so after it is over we will be heading back to UTAH. The last day of the season is Oct 14. For the next 6 weeks Adam is going to be very busy, with working at the store, doing lawns and coaching. I think the most frustrating part is we can't get Adam his Utah EMT license until we actually get to Utah cause he has to take a practical and written exam again. Hope everyone is having a good end of the summer, it is becoming fall already here.