Thursday, February 25, 2010

A little bit of this and that

Cannon having a lil tummy time. He needs more tummy time cause his head is getting FLAT.
Alaya absolutely loves Cannon

He is soo dang cute!! He looks so much like Alaya when she was a baby.

Alaya always wears something FunKy. I love it!!!

Watching Tv.

One of Alayas favorite things to do, ride horses.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Awesome Pics!

Alisha, Michael, Gavin
Lori and Gavin

Me, Cannon, Charles

Everyone that came to C blessing.
Our Bishop and Adam
Adam, Cannon, Grandpa Smith

Cannon (finally a lil happy)

Adam, Cannon, Me, Alaya (both kids just look tired and grumpy) haha!

Great Photo by Jenny

Another, My Beautiful Alaya
Here are some more photos from Cannons blessing that Lori took for us, THANK THANK YOU! Also my friend Jenny sent me more fabulous pictures!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Smiths Visit

Alayas favorite horse

Feeding the horses some apples.

Adam and Matt
Eating dinner and Lauras, Cannon screaming!
Laura, Cannon and Matt
Laura and Cannon
Alaya, Grandma Smith, Cannon

Celebrating Bianca and Jeremys Birthdays

Jeremy, Bianca and Cannon
The Grandkids with part of Grandpa Smith
Grandpa and Cannon
Adams family came out from Maine to visit and for Cannons Blessing. We were busy the whole time, it was a blast!! Of course we were so busy that I didn't even have time to take pictures, or I was too lazy or tired. Which is not me at all, cause I always take pictures(pictures from G,Smith camera). Somethings we did were Kangaroo Zoo, feed horses, jump on it, resturants, lauras, blessed Cannon, enjoyed each other company, laughed, shopping, nickel city, ate 2 chocolate cakes, played Wii, and much more. Thank you to the Smiths for a great time and all they have done for us. We love and miss you!

Cannons Blessing

Levi got Cannon to sleep.

Yep, this is my screaming baby! He screamed pretty much the whole time through the blessing. Adam still did an amazing job!! Adam, Cannon and Grandpa Smith

Happy lil Cannon before the blessing

Don't mind my weird face I am making. But this is the only picture I have of me and C. I was a complete slacker of not taking pictures.
We did Cannons Blessing in our home on Feb 13, 2010. It was a really cool experience and Adam did an awesome job. Cannon has been very gassy for the past week or so, so he has been one fussy baby. Which of course he gets gassy when company comes to meet him for the first time. Oh well....He looked so dang cute in his lil blessing suit. Thank you everyone that came and joined us for the blessing, it was soo good to see everyone! Oh and if you took pictures if you could PLEASE PLEASE email them to me.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Note

A happy note from my last post. Bronson is awake and alert to what is going on around him. Check out their blog Stakerz Xposed under my blogs on the right side. I am feeling so happy for this family.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Staker

Please pray and fast for this family, . I read their blog yesterday afternoon and my eyes filled with tears. I could not imagine what this family is going through right now. Please have pray for them and lil Bronson to get better.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

photo shoot!!

My good friend Jenny took these pictures. She is very good I must say! I love these pictures and they are only the beginning, there are so many more that she took and still has to finish cropping them. This was a fun shoot because it was done at my house. Very laid back and it wasn't rushed at all. Cannon had peed everywhere and the feathers were sticking to him. Alaya, we had to bribed her with some Dora snacks the whole time. It was really fun!! Thanks JENNY!!!