Thursday, March 26, 2009


Jimmy Eat World
Travis Hall
Sick Puppies
Evanescense Again, She is sooo pretty!
Damien Rice, a lil small pic, sorry
Chevelle, I came 2 inches from touching them. haha!

Music is such a big part of Adam and I life. We both love it and love the same type of music, which is pretty much everything. So I finally made time to put a play list on our blog. I have been wanting to do it for a long time. So I stayed up till 1am making this list and going through my IPod picking songs also looking online for songs.
I thought it would be cool to add some picture of some concerts we have been to. When Adam and I go to concerts we love being in the way front with all the crazy people. Being in the front on the floor means a lot of PAIN! haha! But we love it! Everyone is just pushing you so hard into the fence, stepping all over you, pushing you out of the way, hitting you in the face with their feet/elbows/heads. It is great! haha! I know we are crazy. So here is a list and pictures of some concerts we have been to.
The Fray (2 times, my first concert ever!)
Sick Puppies
Evanescense (my favorite)
Colbie Caillat
Jimmy Eat World
Damien Rice
Rev Theory
Seether (the craziest, we were upfront and there were times I felt like my ribs were gonna bust)
Gwen Stefani
Lady Sovereign
Travis Hall
There are so many more bands that we want to go see. All these concerts were awesome!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Punk Rock Family!

Alaya, Amelia (with her cute pink, spike hair)! Today I had a house full of kidos. I had 5 kids all under the age of 4 haha! We had a good time.
Alaya holding Preston, haha! She kept asking me if she could hold him, well he is almost as big as her. Also Alaya took a nose dive to the curb the other day, so she has a nice scab on her nose. She didn't know she had a scab until yesterday (she did it Friday) cause yesterday she finally looked in the mirror, and said "mom! What is this on my nose?" Its sad, poor girl!

Adam, Jeremy (his bro), Jason (friend), Rod (Adams sis bf) went down by Zions on a 4-5 day hike. So Adam decided it would be awesome to do a Mohawk for the trip. So I got to do his 2 Mohawk. So this was his hair before and this is...............
his hair NOW!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! He looks hot! I must say Adam has very sexy eyes. haha!
Another photo. So serious!
Jeremy, Adam, Rod, minus Jason. The guys were getting ready to leave for the week. Oh and did I mention all the guys ended up doing Mohawks. I'm sure the guys are gonna have a great time, they always do when they go on hikes. It will be good for Adam to get out and have some time with the guys. I do miss him already though, I still have 5 days to go. Blah!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I love her SMILE, it just melts my heart!
Peyton and Alaya playing together in the park.

These girls are soo funny together!
Alaya helping Peyton walk haha!
I always feel that the Lord moves you to a certain place even though you don't know why at the time. That certain place for us is here in PG, Utah, because we were suppose to meet the Cheney's. This family is such an amazing family and they are so close to the Gospel. They have helped us a lot in the past couple months with so many things (as goes for so many other people, Thank You!!!!). We are soo deeply grateful for them! We are sad that we are moving so far away from them for the summer, we wish we could take them with us. But I know that we will be for sure hanging out again when we get back in the fall.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Summer is in the air!

Gosh I really don't have anything to blog about! Its kinda lame! So I'm gonna do a post on how nice the weather was today. AHH It makes me miss summer so bad! I just love the heat, sunshine, shorts, swimming, birds chirping, etc. Today we spent most of our time outside playing at the playground. I love the nice weather cause it makes the kids tired, which means naps and getting Alaya to bed a lot easier, since she just started climbing out of her crib. I know my 2 and half year old is still in a crib, but hey first of all I think its great to keep them in their crib until they start climbing out, 2nd we are getting ready to move in 2 weeks so she will be transferred to a toddler bed in then. Anyways back to the nice weather.... I also got some sun today which feels so good, I feel the Vitamin D kicking in, haha! Everyone that reads this leave me a comment of what your plans are for the summer, vacations? moving? or whatever! P.S Happy St Patricks Day!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dancing With The Stars

Alright this is another post of Chelsie. She is on Dancing With The Stars!!! I sat down and watched it and was totally SHOCKED to see her on there! For those who didn't read my first post about Chelsie, she is in my ward here in Pleasant Grove. She was also on So you think you can dance last summer 2008. It is really cool if you ask me! haha!! So she is dancing with Jewels husband this season of Dancing With The Stars.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Arizona Part 2!

Alaya has become really brave by going down the big slides by herself.

Such a pretty girl!

Alaya, Amelia, Preston, Katelynn, My Mom at the Lakeside Fire Department waiting for my dad.

Alaya sitting in the fire truck.

Katelynn, Amelia, Alaya in the fire truck.

Alaya going down the fire pole. All the kids loved this, I don't know how many times they went down it.

Alaya and Amelia riding in the jeep together.

Alaya and Amelia laughing, this was so funny to watch the kids drive.

Adam pushing Alaya on a bike. This was the day she started now feeling soo well.

HAHA! I just had to post it!

Alaya, Grandma, Preston enjoying the last day of warm weather.

Alaya found an acorn.

So cute!! Best Friends!

Girls being silly!

Katelynn and Alaya laughing and being goofy on the swings.

I know there are a lot of pictures! I have a hard time choosing which ones to post.

Preston and my sister, Felisha

Grandparents with the kidos

My mom and I, yes I know we look alike.

Being goofy!

Adam and my mom

Me, my mom, sister

Lil bro Dillon, Lil bro Billy, Me, Big sister Felisha,

Dad, Mom

My Dad and Katelynn's Birthday Party.

Kate blowing out those candles.

My beautiful cousins, Christin and JJ

My dads brother, Marc, Nikki, Jeannie, and Hailynn (not sure on the name spelling)haha!

Opening presents

My dad opening his presents.

Alaya loves Sassy, the cat, well she was my cat but I left her for my parents cause they LOVE her too much haha!!

Alaya eating cake!!

I know this is a really long post with lots of pictures. I just always have a hard time picking which pictures to use, so I usually put most of them on here or in my emails that I send out each month. The first two days we were in AZ the weather was so NICE, then it just got cold and windy. I had my parents pull out some old family videos of us kids when we were younger and I have seriously never laughed so hard in my life haha! We were able to see most of my Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and so forth. We did a combined birthday party for Katelynn (my niece) and my dad. It was a good time other than dealing with Adam and Alaya both being sick the whole time. Thanks Mom and Dad, Billy and Dillon for having us! We had a good time! Love ya!!