Sunday, July 31, 2011

2 weeks of F.U.N

Water balloons-bubbles-colorado-wedding-seven peaks-trafalga-zoo-aqaurium-shopping-malawis-carmel apples-tubing down provo river-throwing rocks into river-alaya riding her bike w out training wheels-movies-farkle-boating-IT WAS 2 FUN WEEKS!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Surprise lunch date by Adam

This is what Adam picked me up in today.. First thought "this could be good or this could be really bad". Well It was A BLAST!! I have never laughed so hard. It is for sure our best day we have been on so far!

Trying on some hats.. Adam said he will be wearing this when he is old.

This mirror made us look really small. It was hard getting a good picture.

Big calves.

My Prince and Shining armor.

Silly hat. I wouldn't mind wearing this snowboarding.


This is the biggest gumball machine I have ever seen.

Adam told me last week that he is taking me out for a lunch date next Tuesday, he got a sitter and all. I have been so excited because when Adam plans a date he always surprises me with the most fun things. So he got home from work and was so tired, I felt bad! But he said he had to go somewhere and he will be right back.. So I worked out and showered, he took the kids to my sister (THANK YOU FELISHA!!). Then when he got home he told me to wait in inside the house and he walked over to our neighbors house and came walking back with THIS awesome BIKE! We threw a few things in the backpack and we were headed to Riverwoods Mall. We love walking around and looking in new different stores (our favorite is probably kitchen stores). After walking around Adam took me to eat at Malawi's Pizza (The best pizza I have ever HAD!) Then we went over to the Chocolate Factory which has the best covered apples in the world, and they are pretty cheap too! Then we paddled back home, which we had this HUGE hill to go up and somehow we made it, well Adam is a great motivator and pushed me along the way up.. Once we got to the top of this mountain there were kids selling lemonade... So GOOD! Once we got home I told Adam that I will be in front and he can ride in the back (the back person doesn't steer or see, they just peddle) Lets just say I was laughing so hard I almost peed my pants and Adam was a lil scared, so was all the neighbors watching. Adam and I both agreed this was the best date we have had. I LOVE THAT BOY!