Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Halloween Express

Adam, Alaya and I riding on the Halloween Express!
Alaya not sure what to think of this train ride. haha!

So there is this family that has a train that goes around their house and neighborhood. Every year they open it up to the community and give everyone free rides on it and they also have a movie playing while you wait in line. It is setup as a haunted house train ride. We took Alaya tonight, she really didn't know what to think, as you can see her face in the picture haha! She really liked it though and I think she is gonna love Halloween more and more each year!

I have been tagged!

How long did you date before you were married? 4 months
How long have you been married? 3 Years
What does he do that surprises you? Coming up with good analogies
What is your favorite feature of his? His lips, hands, feet( I know weird, but Adam has hot feet for a guy), Smile, Eyes, he is just perfect.
What is your favorite quality of his? He always likes to think of others in need of help.
Does he have a Nickname for you? Babe
What is his favorite color? Green
What is his favorite food? Seafood
What is his favorite sport? Baseball to watch on TV. Snowboarding to play haha
When and where was your first kiss? Was a week after we met up in Rock Canyon in Provo.
Favorite thing to do as a couple? Concerts, we go to a lot!
Do you have any children? 1 beautiful daughter!
Does he have a hidden talent? Adam is good at anything but I would have to say his Pocket Trick.
How old is he? 26
Who said I love you first? He did, up in Rock Canyon in Provo
What is his favorite type of music? Rock, and classic rock
What do you admire most about him? He knows how to talk to people when they need advise or needs a good listener.
Do you think he will read this? doubt it!
Now...It's my turn to tag some of you. Lets see...I'd like to tag Felisha, Ruth, Heidi

6 Quirky Quirks About me

1. Drives me crazy when anyone gets out of the shower before they dry off!! The floor or rug gets all wet. Then mildew forms and I can go on!
2.I have to vacuum my house everyday, no joke.
3. I'm obsessed with the show The Hills, Adam hates me watching it but for some reason their lives interest me cause there is so much drama. I hate drama though(to have it in my life, other people can have it in theirs), so I always just think to myself if I were in their situation what would I do to get out. I know weird huh? haha!
4.I love the sunshine! I need sun year round. Winter sometimes make me depressed cause it gets dark so early so having sun makes me stay alive. I do also like rainy and snowy days, but Sunny days I'm the most happy.
5.I like walking into homes that smell like Cinnamon. Every fall-winter I always have Cinnamon candles burning.
6.I have to eat something ever 2 hours, pregnant or not. If I don't eat every 2 hours I get all shaking and cranky. I'm sure there is something wrong with my body but I'll just keep eating every two hours. I'll live.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Poor Alaya!

My poor baby. Tonight I had to run to the store to get a few things. Once I got to the store I had a feeling to check my phone and I saw that Adam had called me. So I called him back right as I was walking into Wal-mart. He said "come home, we need to take Alaya to the hospital to get stitches in her foot!" I was freaking out! I ran to my car and was racing home. I ran inside and I see a jar of pickles busted open on the ground. Adam was with Alaya in the bathroom washing the blood off her foot. I looked at her foot and it was on her pinky toe and it was a nice size cut, but it will be ok. What had happened was she was in the pantry and Adam was in the living room. He heard something fall but didn't think it hurt Alaya cause she wasn't crying. 1 min later Alaya just started screaming, he ran into the kitchen and she was standing there with this jar of pickles busted on her foot! So Adam picked up the jar and there was just blood everywhere, so he thought her toes were gone. LUCKILY NOT!!!! We are just grateful it was just a cut that will heal soon! Things like this happen, unfortunately.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Alaya has done it!!

Alaya has done it! She went Pee Pee on the pot-tay yesterday for the first time by herself! I am so proud of her! I got her a lil potty and she always goes and sits on it. So yesterday I took her diaper off and put her on the potty and she didn't go. So then she came into me and said "mom pee" I was like "yeah okay" haha! Well I left the bathroom to talk to Adam I came back and she was peeing!!!!!!! I thought I would never be sooo excited about someone peeing, but it was for sure awesome!!!!!! It's gonna be WAY nice to have her out of diapers before we have another kid (and who knows when that will be)!! So we are working on Potty Training now!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday To ME!!

Alaya loved mixing the cake mix
She is gonna be a good baker.

She is soo beautiful!
And a lot of FUN!!
Oh she is excited!
So today was a really fun day! Alaya and I went shopping together, watched movies, baked cakes. Adam hasn't been home for a few days because he was up in Idaho working. But he was able to come home tonight and take me to the movies. You must see "Nights in Rodanthe". I balled! Here are some fun pictures of Alaya helping me bake!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Today is my handsome husbands birthday!! He is a BIG 26. It's sad cause Alaya and I won't see Adam today, he is in Idaho Falls till tomorrow night. I love him and I'm so greatful to be his wife!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Alayas first photo shoot.

I'm really excited about this picture. My sister called me and said there is this lady that needs models fo her hats, flowers, bows and so forth. So we emailed her pictures of our kids and she wanted to use us all. So we went in the freezing weather and she took some adorable pictures of Alaya, Katelynn, Amelia. I LOVE this picture. She is so dang cute!! We will have all the pictures in about 2 weeks I can't wait!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pumpkins and Adams birthday!!

Alaya getting ready to do pumpkin carving.Alaya and her pumpkin Adam and Alaya getting ready to get messy!!!
Alaya didn't like cleaning the pumpkins out. "Yuck" she said haha!!

The finished project. Adam came up with his on his own. I'm so proud!
Alaya and I with the pumpkins.
After carving pumpkins Adam tried carving an apple, haha! Pretty funny! This is an actual apple!

Adam is going out of town tomorrow and his birthday is on friday. So I made him open his presents, even though he didn't want to. Well actually Alaya opened them for him. haha!

Adam wanted an origami book. He loves making things out of paper.

Adam ready his new origami book. He is like a little kid. HAHA!!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Today was a tiring day. Alaya had her 2 year doctors appointment, she is way healthy. She is in the 90% tile for her height and 70% tile for her weight. She is a growing lil girl!!! I'm so proud of myself because she has gone 4 nights now without a bottle. Tonight was the first night she asked for one and I said "no more bottles, your a big 2 year old now". She thought that was ok cause she didn't fuss about not getting one. So hopefully it will continue to stay that way. I know some people might think I'm a horrible mom cause I still had Alaya on a bottle this long, but she is way healthy and I'm sure her bones are wicked strong. hehe! Now she only gets milk with her meals.

I also went to the doctor today because Adam and I have been trying since Alaya was one for another baby. AGHH! Its been really frustrating! So I haven't been to the OBGYN since Alaya was 6 weeks old so it was time to go (I dread it every time). My doctor found a cyst on one of my ovaries, there ya go that is why I haven't been able to get prego as of right now. We don't know how long it has been on there for. I'm way bummed though cause If the cyst doesn't disappear in my next menstrual cycle than I will most likely have to get surgery. So I'm practicing my FAITH that it will go away and that I can hopefully soon get prego. I also have been having problems with my stomach ( I know, I'm a walking time bomb!). Anyways every time I eat spicy, dairy, or citrus fruits my stomach kills and I have to take a Zantac. I went to the doctor when we lived and Kansas this summer and she told me that I have too much Acid in my stomach. So I was on this strick diet for a month. No tomato base foods, fruit, dairy, chocolate (it was the hardest) and there were a few other things. Those are the things I mainly eat though. So it was hard, but I did notice a difference, but it still kills me. So my OBGYN wants me to go to another specialist to check out my stomach before I have to go back to him in 4 weeks to see if my cyst is gone. OK all I want is to have another kid seriously and no joke EVERYONE I KNOW is getting prego or is prego and I'm happy for you all but It kills me cause I wish it was me. I'm so greatful though that I have Alaya and I can enjoy the time we spend together. Alright I have complained enough for the night. If anyone has ever had any cysts or stomach issues, that I'm going through I would really love it if you left a comment. I need all the advise I can get. :@)


The Birthday Girls!!! Alaya and Amelia had a Princess birthday party together last saturday the 18th.
Alaya checking out her bling bling ring! while eating candy haha!

The pinata finally broke!

My sister, Felisha helping Alaya hit the pinata! GO ALAYA!!!

She didn't even eat her cupcake. I ate 2 for her and I hehe!

Alaya and Alexa coloring Princesses

Painting fingernails!!!

Yesterday the 19th was Alaya's real birthday. So Adam and I just gave her a scoop of chocolate ice cream with sprinkles and sang "Happy Birthday". She loved it!!!

Opening presents!

Alaya and I (she is a big 2!) Don't mind me I look ridiculous.

Alaya and Adam!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

We woke up early sunday morning to this!!!
Alaya is gonna be a zebra for Halloween

I love her tail!!
Snow still on Timp. I'm sure there will be snow up there till next June!

We had fun playing outside today! I was throwing the ball up the slide and then Alaya was letting it come down and hit her. She thought it was soo funny! haha!

She is soo Fun!

Check out those dimples.

So happy!

Our recent move!

Adam just finished up the extended season for security systems in SLC. So we had to move by Tuesday from our apartment in SLC. WE were stressing really bad because we had no where to go and we were having a hard time finding a place. Finally after looking hard and driving around for hours we found a place in Pleasant Grove, Utah. It is between SLC and Provo. On Tuesday we went into the office later that afternoon and we filled out the whole paperwork thing and then they gave us our keys to our new place. When we had looked at the place they showed us only the model house, so of course it is nice. The girl also said what you see is what you get, little did we know. Before we went to our place in SLC we decided to stop by and look at the place. When we walked in the carpets were not livable for me. It looked like 50 toddlers were living there and the carpets was 30 years old. It was horrible!!! So we hurried and got in the truck and drove upfront to the office and the office was CLOSED!!!!! So we had to be out of our place Tuesday night and we were like crap we have no choice but to move everything in here tonight. So we went up to SLC packed all our stuff up, dropped the load off at our apartment, went and got Alaya at my sisters in Provo, back up to our apartment to put Alaya to bed. Adam then went back to SLC to get the rest of our stuff. He didnt get to our new place till 1:00 AM. I was so bored. I was trying not to fall asleep because I had to help Adam unload the truck. Any who... So we had to sleep on an air mattress that night. We woke up early the next morning (yesterday) to go talk to these people that said "what we see is what we get" and say we are not staying here. So we ended up having to wait an hour cause the lady wasn't in the office. Adam went and talked to her and she said "oh that apartments carpets haven't been cleaned yet, sorry" AGH!! So they ended up giving us a choice of 2 apartments we could choose from. So needless to say we had to move EVERYTHING into another apartment yesterday...

Once we got into our new apartment and unpacked as much as we could without falling asleep. Adam took a nap and I deep cleaned the whole place. Once Adam woke up he said "lets go to our storage and get our mattress, couch,table, and a few other things. So we get there and I'm having to help him lift all these heavy A things into our truck. On top of it our dresser scrapped skin off the top of my foot! AGHH!! So we got a load we started driving to our new place on the freeway and all of sudden I look back and I see our mattress and my cushions for my coush flying into the traffic behind us! OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! Adam and I were freaking out!!!! It was rush hour too!! So we pull off the closes exit we can. Adam dropped Alaya and I off because all she was doing was screaming and it was driving both of us crazy. So Alaya and I stayed at my sisters while Adam went and got our cushions for our couch and the mattress was destroyed he said. So we are still sleeping on an air mattress. Last night I stayed up till 11 unpacking and getting everything situated. This morning I went grocery shopping and I have been just being a bum since. I'm so sore today haha!! And curious of what is going to happen to us next. We don't have the best luck with things as most of you know. Sorry this post was so long, hope some of you laughed cause now I can look back and laugh but at the time it was not FUN!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

First I would like to say I don't know what is wrong with Adam. Ever since we got back to Utah from Kansas he has been walking around our 75 degree house with a hoodie and blanket, saying he is cold... When we met he was never cold. I was the one wearing the hoodies and blankets (I still do) But it is just weird to me. So I had to take pictures. He was watching the Boston Red Sox! Go BOSTON!!!!
He's soooo HOT!!!
Adam and I love German Pancakes. German Pancakes are pretty much the only thing he makes besides no bake cookies. But Adam has been letting Alaya help him crack the eggs and pour milk into the bowl. This is where the milk had spilt on the counter. OH... I have to tell you this story. So since Adam has let her crack eggs, she found a rock outside that looked like an egg. She had brought it inside and told me "EGG MOM" I said "No it's a rock" So she was trying to crack this rock "egg" on the Tile and our glass tv stand!! AHHH!!! It was cute though!!

Pouring the milk into the bowl

Holding the measuring cup for Daddy!

I love this picture. To me it says "please no pictures mom" haha!

Playing with that plastic container still! While wearing my shoes!! haha!!! I love this girl!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

First of all I want to mention how much I enjoyed Conference this past weekend. Its always good to hear guidance of what we need to be doing. The talk that stood out to me the most was by Joseph B Wirthlin. Laugh instead of getting angry basically. I need to practice that a lot in my daily tasks. It is hard when you get busy and stuff isn't going the way you want it to or your child is acting the way you don't want them to act. But I just need to sit back and laugh and enjoy that moment cause someday they will be gone. One of the Quotes I loved was " Put your trust in the Lord, do your best and the Lord will do the rest" It goes something along those lines.
Saturday night at the Priesthood session Adam's younger brother was selected to sing in the choir for that night. Adam said that he thinks he saw the top of his head ( his nose and eyes) haha! So that was cool and we didn't know he was singing in it, until we got his letter that day in the mail!!

Poison Control, Alaya has done it again!!!

Alright so over this summer Alaya was playing in the kitchen. She would usually climb in the cupboards and put her toys in there and stuff. Well I was in the shower and Adam was in the living room. He went to check on her and she was in Dishwasher Liquid wash. AHHH!!! So Adam was rinsing out her mouth, I was calling poison control. They asked all the medical questions and then told me to give her milk. She was fine! The next day after this happened she got into Nair, yeah that is right NAIR!!! She came to me and was like "mom, yuck!", I smelt her mouth and It smelt like NAIR!!!Adam went to check to make sure and sure enough. Oh man, So I watched her for medical signs like I did the day before and gave her milk. Now just a few days ago She got into Adam's After Shave!!! Ok this might sound like I don't watch her at all! But you know how they are soo fast at getting into things and so sneaky about it. So I just did the same thing as I did before give her milk.

Friday, October 3, 2008

My beautiful daughter!!!I have been wanting to take pictures of a couple things that Alaya does, They are soo cute to me and I want to share them with all of you.
Alaya has been playing with this can for a couple days now. She puts all these different little items in it. She takes everything out and then all back in. She does this for hours.
All the random items Alaya stores in the container haha!!! She is soo fun to watch.