Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cannon first hair cut!

Do you see how long it is underneath his bald spot (that every baby gets from moving their heads) It was annoying me. So I got out the clippers and went to town!!!
Looks so much better!! I even took some off the top because the crown of his head the hair was seriously 2 inches long and in the front it is nothing so I had to make that even too.

Too cute!!!
He just sat there, he did amazing!
He was enjoying it!
Im sure he is thinking here, "what is mom doing to me NOW!" hehe!!

Alaya was my helper, she entertained Cannon.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

RRRRRRRR Its a Party!!

Alaya hitting the Pirate

Amelia taking a hit

The Birthday girl, Katelynn

This is what happens when you eat way too much CANDY!!

Getting ready for the awesome Treasure Hunt.
Alaya and Great Grandma Rova
All the Pirates

Preston and Great Grandma Rova

The Awesome Cake!

Amelia and Alaya
Alaya, Jessica, and Nichole
It was my niece,Katelynns 6 birthday party! It was a Pirate party and it was soo much fun! Alaya had a blast. They had sword fights, went on a treasure hunt, had a pinata, dressed up as pirates, ate cake, and just had fun! My Grandma Rova was able to come over and celebrate the fun with us, it was soo good to see her. Thanks Katelynn for inviting us, we had a great time!!! Felisha and Jayson did another awesome party!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March is almost over...yay! Bring on April

Adam and Alaya on a lovely Sunday afternoon. We went on a walk and serioulsy, no joke Alaya ran the whole way. It was about a mile.

Alaya running from one slide to the other with her tounge out haha!

This is what Cannon does when we are at the park.

Silly girl, she goes down she climbs up, she loves slides

Cannons cousin, Kate, she loves holding him.

Cannons cousin, Preston, pushing Cannon in the dump truck.

And of course this is how my daughter looks 95% of the the time.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Well I finally signed Alaya up for Gymnastics. She did her free trial to see if she liked it and she did. Then Adam and I (mostly me I guess) was trying to figure out how many times a week I wanted to take her to gymnastics. I decided once a week for now to get her used to it then we will bump it to 2 or 3. It is so much fun watching her develop her talents. She is constantly doing summer salts, cartwheels, standing on her head, jumping off things and we figured Gymnastics was the place she needs to be. Oh and we were right, last night she was doing AWESOME!! She also looks so cute in a leotard, don't you think? I will for sure be posting more pictures of her at her gym doing her thing, I just forgot my camera yesterday.

We LOVE 60 weather!!

Amelia, Preston, Alaya, Katelynn

Cannon enjoying the warm sun

Alaya still likes the lil swing.

Our babies
Yesterday the weather was AMAZING!! I Loved it and I think the kids did too. We were finally able to get out of the house and run. It was our first time this year being able to go outside with the weather being so warm. Alaya ran around with her cousins while Cannon was sound asleep in the swing. I put him in the swing and within a min he was OUT. I did get some sun, which feels great but my lips got BURNT and they kill. Hope everyone is having nice weather like we are here in UTAH.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

3 months old

Where has the time gone? Cannon is already 3 months old as of the 11th of March. This is his new thing, sticking his tounge out (picture above), what a character he is. Here are a few things Cannon loves to do. He loves it when Alaya talks to him, he smiles everytime, going on car rides (falls asleep everytime and never cries, loves watching his hands move,sitting in his high chair and tries to grab toys, loves to eat, have huge blow outs in his clothes (dont know whos clothes I change more his or mine), loves having Adam hold him and talk to him, loves to be sung to, he loves smiling. He has laughed and rolled over a few times already, Its awesome to watch him grow and see new things in this world. We are soo blessed to have this lil man in our home!!! He brings such great love and joy!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Update on life

Our house- I feel much safer now, Adam blessed our house.
Cannon- got a cold 8 days ago, started off with a runny nose, Thursday took him to the doc cause he started to get a cough (coughs freak me out). Doc said just a bad cold keep doing saline and nose sucking. Today he got a fever of 100.1, I immediately called the doc. Took him in and he has DOUBLE ear infections. Just great!! Hopefully now his cold and ear aches will go away. He was only fussy a lil bit today when he had his fever, but he has been a good baby for being as sick as he is. I just hope he gets better soon!! He will be 3 months on the 11th of March and he got weighed tonight and he is 14.13lbs. He is starting to get rolls on his arms, OH I love it!! He loves baths and I am guarenteed to get peed on at least twice everytime I bath him. He thinks its funny too and will smile as Im trying to dodge it.
Alaya- has done alot of things this past week that have just shocked me. 1st she went to sunbeams all by herself without crying and us forcing her to go, She slept most of the night out on the couch by herself the other night (she was tossing and turning bad in our bed so I put a movie on for her and she feel asleep), She wore pant (jeans) for the first time since October 2009. She will only wear dresses now cause she says her pants get all twisted, but she didnt throw a fit at all when I put them on her.She started going to preschool once a week and LOVES it, it is soo good for her right now. She has been telling me a lot lately that she loves me and that I am her mommy. I LOVE IT!! She loves it when Adam comes home from his long 24 hour shift. She loves holding Cannon and talking to him.
WE are so blessed for 2 amazing kids!! WE love them sooooo much!!
Adam- He is working like CRAZY!!!!! he did his first CPR on a patient the other day. He is getting a lot of experience and he LOVES every min. It is soo good to see him Happy and loving his job and helping people. He has also been making Amazing Orange Julis, they are soo yummy! He works so hard then comes home and helps me with the kids and around the house, AHHH I LOVE HIM!!!
Me- I am just really busy with the kids, cleaning (trying to keep up on my house), sleeping, cooking, grocery shopping, watching a lil girl during the week, taking Alaya and Cannon places, spending time with Adam when he is home. AHHH I am just so ready for summer to finally be here :o) I am also so grateful for my amazing family, especially my hubby!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


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That weird feeling

So for the past week I have had the weirdest feeling in my house that someone is watching me. It is probably the worse feeling ever. I dont know what it is or what even came to me thinking of this. Adam is gone a lot for work so It is most of the time just me and the kids, which freaks me out even more. The past two nights when I have gone to bed it has taken me about 2 hours to fall asleep then I am constantly tossing and turning all night cause I keep picturing people walking around my bedroom and touching me, ahhh what is wrong with me. I know your probably thinking I'm a freak right now. But seriously I will keep seeing things move in the corner of my eyes and Ill look and nothing is there. Its mainly dark shadows, spirits? I dont know!!! Im totally freaked out and whatever it is just needs to leave cause I am getting no sleep and it scares me to see spirits. The other night I was putting Alaya to bed and I kept hearing these noises, but I just kept thinking to myself ok its just the down stairs people. Then a few mins later I heard something in the room and both Alaya and I jump straight up out of bed and She turned to me and said "MOMMY WHAT WAS THAT?" I said "I dont know? I think the downstairs people (I didnt want to scare her more)" then she just kept saying that over and over again... So I am not the only one freaking out haha!! Seriously does anyone else have any of these experiences? If not Im sure you are thinking I am really crazy and need to go see a therapist or something. Please leave a comment or email me if you ever had this happen to you PLEASE!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Halestorm Concert!

Lzzy, Adam and Laura. This was the first time Adam heard Halestorm they opened for Chevelle. I wasn't able to go with him and Laura to this one cause I was 8months prego with Cannon.
Lzzy the main singer. Adam, Laura and I got right upfront!!

Its so hard to take pictures of the band cause they are constantly moving around and that doesnt work with cell phones haha.

She had about 5 different guitars, this one is cool!!

This was before the concert! Adam and I were 5 and 6 in line, oh yes!! So Lzzy was walking by us a couple times till we finally realized that it was her so I asked to take a picture with her haha! Dont mind how I look I was a lil excited haha!!
Check out Halestorms music here My favorite songs are "I'm not an angel" and "Familiar taste of poison".