Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life is AWESOME!

These two kidos are AWESOME!!!!
Watching TV together!

King Benjamin

We read to Alaya and Cannon The Book Of Mormon with pictures so they can visualize and understand a lil better of what is happening in the Book of Mormon. So the other night I was trying to figure out what story we were on because Adam read to Alaya the night before (I was doing a massage). I never believe in book markers (which I have one now). So I was flipping through all the stories and Alaya was sitting next to me and before I said the title of the story OR what the story was about Alaya says "Mom we read King Benjamin last night." On the page it said King Benjamin and had pictures of the story below it. I was just in complete shock that she knew it said King Benjamin.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Is that your back door?

So Alaya's friend Aria came over today and she asks Alaya
"Alaya is that your back door?" Alaya says "No, It's my moms!" haha!
It is just so funny how they think somethings are just their parents even though she walks out that door many times during the day.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


HAHA!! Scary eyes Adam hehe!
This place was packed full!! We were up on the grass, we are used to being right upfront at concerts, it was still fun though. Minus the fact that everyone in there was smoking so I was getting a huge head ache from all the smoke.

ahhhh so cute!!! We had fun!!We got to see a lot of cool bands and this guy that was wearing all purple! NO JOKE!!! It was funny!! Love you Adam!

Cute picture! Minus-Alaya has ketchup on her mouth and Cannon has snot from his nose.
Getting ready to go to Alayas Gymnastic class. Which oh my goodness she is doing do many big things! Standing back bend, Handstand and cartwheels on the beam, walking on the high beams, back bend walk over, doing handstand on the high bar. Its amazing and soo dang cute!! Her coaches always tell me how talented she is. IT IS SO TRUE!!!!

Alaya adores Cannon
Alayas hair is getting really long, she is just so beautiful!!

Kisses and hugs, momma loves her lil bugs

If Cannon wants to get your attention or see your face he will tilt his head until you look at him, just like this picture. They are both so much fun!

9 months!!

This is Cannons new smile, he does it all the time and WE LOVE IT!!
He is such a happy baby!
One of his many looks he gives us.
Check out his two bottom teeth. I forgot how much teething is. blah!!
I think he was screaming in this pic, he loves to scream.

HOLY COW!!! Seriously already 9mo. Im a lil late posting, but Cannon turned 9 mo on the 11th. This is a huge milestone cause he is doing so much and growing so much all at once.. Some things Cannon is now doing. Crawling, climbing, discovered toilets have water which are fun to play in, loves to knock over the living room lamp, play in Alayas room, loves food, loves to have a blanket in one had and suck his thumb (this is really cute), he has his two bottom front teeth and is getting his two top teeth, loves being outside, loves his daddy, loves ruby the rat, loves his car seat, loves his bed. I could go on! His reflux is getting a lot better, but now that he eats more solids is more nasty. His 9 mo doc appointment went great! He is 21lbs and 29 inches. Cannon looks just like Adam, it is soo dang cute!! We are so blessed to have two amazing kids, we love them soo much!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This Friday Adam will be working at the DEW TOUR in Salt Lake City. He will be there if any of the pros get hurt, he gets to be right upfront next to all the ramps, he will probably be able to shake hands with all the pros. Im so jealous!!! They said that he will be on TV a lot too soo if you guys have nothing else better to do than watch the Dew Tour and watch for Adam on TV!!! Did I also mention that he is 1 of the 4 guys that got picked to work the Dew Tour. And 1 out of a big list of people that wanted to work at the Dew Tour that got picked!!! Yes I can brag!! So anyways the Dew Tour will be live on NBC the 16-19 and Adam will be working on the 17th..Let us know if you see him!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Going to Church

Alaya was trying to smile. haha!

Oh we love these two!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Battle Creek Falls

Funny story to this pic. Alaya just got done going to the bathroom and she didn't pull her dress all the way out of her panties haha! And I didnt realize it was stuck in her panties till after I took the picture. Hahah!

found a cool cave

The waterfall, it felt soo good to feel the mist.