Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day

The kids enjoying their toys!

Christmas 2011 family photo.

Cannon enjoying his candy.

Santa CAME!!!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a fun day. We baked in the morning and got our house ready for our guests (Jeremy and Bianca). Then we went to the movies and saw Adventures of Tin Tin. It was a good movie. We came home and ate pizza, kids opened a few presents, got baths and went to bed.


Baby #3 will be arriving in June 2012. We are very excited! I am 14 weeks and 2 days to be exact. I'm starting to feel a lot better and getting some energy back. I know I'm showing a lot already for only 14 weeks for only 1 baby being in there.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cannon is 2!!!

Cannon is 2! We love him so much and we are so blessed to have him in our family!! Happy 2nd Birthday!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cannons ER Visit

We drove down to Arizona the Friday after Thanksgiving to visit my family. It was gonna be a fast trip. Leave Friday and come home Sunday. Well C wasn't feeling good Friday but I just decided to go anyways. Even though there was that small voice (spirit) telling me to stay home. So after a long drive to AZ we got to my parents house. I put C down for bed and could hear him coughing. I knew that cough and it was the sound of croup. So I went to bed at 10 and didn't sleep because I was listening to every breath and cough C was doing. Well at 3 am C started crying. I jumped up and felt him and he was so hot! I took his temp and it was 101. I decided I was taking him to the ER. Lucky for us the ER wasn't packed so we were able to get right in. His temp was 99.9 and he is 27lbs. I had to dress him down to his diaper. They moved us back into a room and the doc came right in. He said we are giving him a breathing treatment and a steroid shot. I thought that was gonna be it, sweet! Then we can go home and go to bed. Nope it wasn't it. The doc wanted us to wait there an hr to see how the shot was working. An hr and half later of waiting, trying to keep C from crying, I gave him two things of apple juice, they gave him a dinosaur that he threw across the room several times,the doc comes in again and checks his ears and lungs. He said I wanna take an xray of his lungs. So the xray machine is brought to the room, at this point C and I were done. We just wanted to go home and go to bed.. after driving all day and staying up all night we were exhausted. Two men come in and pushed me out of the room so they could do xrays on C. I could see him and he was yelling for me. I felt hopeless and was trying not to cry from his cries. 30 mins later the doc comes back with results and said well he has pneumonia on his right lung. First thought great he is gonna be hospitalized.. Well the doc said I will give you a prescription and he will need to take it for 10 days. OK I can do that. So the doc said I was able to take the heart monitor off C, but the nurse came in a freaked out (which through this whole time we were there C kept taking the thing off his foot because he hated it. So I let him because it made him stop crying ( I know I'm a great mom). So the nurse put the monitor back on him and took one last vital sign. Then we got our prescription and we went home and went to bed. We got to my parents at 5am and C slept till 7am. 2 hrs of slept and wouldn't sleep at all during the day. But sat night he slept amazing, we both did. C is feeling a lot better since being home. He has 2 more days of antibiotics. He just has a runny nose and a lil cough. I am so glad he is feeling better. On top of all this he has cut through 3 eye teeth. I feel so bad for the lil guy. His 2nd Birthday is next Sunday!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Our Kids

Adam and I are so blessed and grateful to have these two, beautiful, smart, fun, and happy kidos in our lives. They are both full of energy and are alot a like, they are also very different. We love them so much!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween day Alaya had gymnastics so I told her she can be a cat for gym class.. We she ended up wearing the ear and tail all day long. When it came time to get ready for Halloween night she wouldn't change into her fairy costume. So I didn't want to argue I just said ok you can be a fairy cat. So that is what she was. Cannon was an army man. He loved trick or treating! Alaya ran to all the door really fast. I was wore out after 2 streets. So we came home and we handed out ALL our candy to kids. Alaya really enjoyed that!

Friends for 14yrs!

My friend Jessica and I have been best friends for the past 14 years! She is always so kind and comes out to where ever we maybe living and visits us for a few days.. She flew in to Utah on wed.. We went to dinner then a Haunted House. Thursday we hiked the Y then we went out that night to Riverwoods and hung out and talked. We came home and rented a movie and watched it on my bed, even though I fell asleep. Friday we went to my nieces birthday party then we took her up to Park City to watch the Warren Miller movie and went out to eat. Sat we carved pumpkins and decorated our car for the trunk or treat. That night we went to our ward Halloween party. Sunday we went to church then I sadly had to take her to the airport. I wish she could have stayed longer. But I am so happy that she was able to come up and we got to be with each other. I miss her!

Alaya is 5!!

Opening presents! Thanks for everyone that gave Alaya a gift.
The tree that Adam made for pin the owl on the tree.

I made the tissue flowers.

The owls for pin the owl on the tree.

These were the gift bags. They had the stuffed owl, chap stick, candy, owl bubbles, pencils, and rings.

Lil owl stuff animal I made for all the girls.

The Pinata that I made from a cereal box.

This was Alaya cake. It was pretty easy to make.. It is just 3-9" circle pans cut up.

Alaya and a few of her friends.

Alaya also wanted to go to chuck e cheese for her birthday lunch. So on her actual birthday we took her there and let her play on all the arcade games for a couple hours. I honestly cant believe we have a 5 year old. She has grown up way too fast and I love watching her grow into a beautiful young girl. I am so blessed to be her mom and I am so grateful she is in our lives. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALAYA!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Family... I'm in Love!

Our Lovely Friend Kenna took our pictures last Saturday. I have never been so happy as I am now, with the way our pictures have turned out! She is amazing!