Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Cannon Michael Smith 7lbs 14 oz 21 inches 12-11-09
Alaya on Christmas!
Alaya playing with her toys!

Adam just got home from a 24 hr shift. He looks pretty tired!!!

Alaya on Christmas!

Alaya and Cannon Christmas Eve

She was got to open one present on Christmas Eve.
Making cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.

Cannon and I


Sorry this pic is sideways

He loves to sleep

His first Bath, he loved it!!

Alaya holding Cannon for the first time, YES I did have to bribe her with a cookie haha!
She then realized holding him wasnt so bad
Getting ready to leave the Hospital. He crossed his feet all by himself haha!!

Daddy enjoying every moment!

Proud Daddy!!

First time holding Cannon.

Adam and Alaya playing in the snow for the first time this winter.

Alaya getting all geared up.
So sorry it has taken me almost 3 weeks to post pictures of our new lil man! He is doing really good with eating and sleeping. Its kinda funny how I am not so paranoid with him as I was with Alaya. Just cause I have been through it before and I know how things work now. Its easy for me to sleep through his lil noise making and only wake up when he is crying to be fed and changed. It is a lot of fun to have both him and Alaya. I thought it was going to a lil hard but over all it is pretty easy. Alaya is doing really well with him. She helps me out a lot and it seems like she listens better to me since Cannon has been here. WEIRD!! Alaya loved Christmas this year. I like to wait to put out presents until Christmas Eve night then she wakes up Christmas morning to a new thing. She woke up this year and said " OH MY GOODNESS!!!" She was pretty excited that Santa came. She also asked me if "Santa ate some cookies?" that we had made the night before. haha!! She had to go see Santa a couple of times cause the first time she was too shy to tell him what she wanted, but the second time she was so scared but she told him what she wanted. Adam is enjoying his new job still. He stays pretty busy now that the other ambulance service went out of business, his ambulance service started picking up all their calls. So when he gets home from a 24 he is pretty tired. He also has been picking up a lot of extra shifts as well. So he is staying very busy!! I am doing pretty good. Just got over a really bad bladder infection and then I am now trying to get rid of mastitis in my breast. It has been one thing after another haha! We are all doing good and can't complain. We have Internet now so you can expect more updates from the Smith Home. We love and miss you all and hope everyone has a Happy New Year!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Cannon Michael Smith

So sorry everyone!!! Cannon Michael Smith was born on Dec 11, 2009 at 10:48 pm.7lbs 14oz 21 inches long. My plug broke early morning at 5am started having contractions. They were getting worse at 5pm about 5 mins apart sitting standing it was 2 mins apart. So I sat cause Adam was ending his last shift for the week and wouldn't be home till 6pm. We had friends come over and we were playing games. Yes I know Crazy!!! So abut 8:30 the contractions were 2 mins apart and I was really waiting for my water to break before I went to the hospital. Well at 9pm I told Adam I need to go cause I couldn't sit, stand or breath. So I called my sister and she came up and stayed with Alaya. Got to the hospital around 9:30. The nurse checked me and I was 7cm, water still didnt break. Checked me again in 20 mins and I was 8.5 cm. Doc came in and broke my water. I couldnt get any pain meds in my IV because I was so far along dialated so I had to go all natural with him. Cause the meds could have made him to stop breathing. After water was broken there was about 4 hard contractions then I pushed for 22 mins. I did have to get cut again cause he wasnt coming out any other way haha! Ya the doc numbed then cut, And YES I felt it all because the numbness did not take effect before he cut. Then Cannon came out!!! He looks just like Alaya did when she was born but a boy version WAY CUTE!!! He has been an awesome baby. Sleeps, eats and poops GREAT!!! Awesome personality!! We are so happy and blessed!!! I will post pictures when I can use a computer where I can. I am at the library. Thanks for everything everyone!!! We love and hope you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dec is finally here

We got our tree up! Alaya went and saw Santa the other day and told him she would like "horsie presents under the tree".

Adam is loving his new job and enjoys going to work everyday! We just hope he will make it for the birth of our boy.
I am ready to pop!! I only have 13 more days till my actual due date but I am praying to go this weekend.

Aunt Laura came down to visit.

Laura painting Alayas nails.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

3 and half weeks

AHHH I only have 3 and half more weeks till lil man joins us. Hopefully it will be in a week and half! I am just to the point where just laying down kills. I am also starting to feel weird, which I remember feeling weird right before I delivered Alaya. Anyone else have that weird feeling right before they deliver? We are ready, I have everything washed, put away and organized. Went to my first doc appointment last week here in Utah and I am dialated to 1cm, I know doesn't mean much but it is one less cm I have to go when being in PAIN!!!!!JUST COME ON OUT LIL MAN!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Vote For ALAYA!!!

Alaya is in this baby contest! I saw that my friend Ashley was doing it for her baby boy. Thought it would be fun and something to do with Alaya. So go to this website and it will give you instructions on how to VOTE for her. She is #30!!!!! Tell your friends and family!!!! Thank you so much!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009


So Adam finally took his Utah EMT tests and passed both of them last week. After we found out on Tuesday he passed I went and printed off his test results, typed up his resume. Thursday he went and got his driving record and faxed off his application to Gold Cross Ambulance. Thursday afternoon they called him to go in today for a interview. 11:00 am today he had an interview. He came home and said it went really well and that they will call him sometime before Monday. AHHH more waiting.......... Well we got a phone call around 5pm tonight telling Adam he got HIRED!!!!! YAY!!! His first day is on the 19th. Its up in SLC which I guess is better cause he will get a lot more experience. So HUGE BLESSING!!! Thank you soo much for all your prayers!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Alayas first dentist visit and 3 year check up

Alaya getting her teeth cleaned.
Alayas first time to the dentist!!

I took Alaya to the dentist for the first time. The dentist said she has perfect teeth and no cavities!!!Alaya did really good until they used the spin brush with the grainy tooth paste, she was spitting the whole time. But over all she thought it was pretty cool!! The same day I took her in for her 3 year doc visit. She is 37 inches tall and 33lbs. Growing healthy and perfect!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Random Pictures

Adam and my dad doing donut eating contest
Amelia, Grandma R, Alaya

Kate, Preston, Amelia, Alaya

Alaya riding her Great Grandpas Horse.

Carving her pumpkin

Static from the tramp.

Alayas 3rd birthday party
3 years old
riding her new horse.

She looks mad haha! she was riding the 4 wheeler with uncle Dillon

Adam, Grandma and Grandpa S, Alaya, Me
Aunt Linda, Uncle Woody and Alaya saying our good bye!

Alaya on her 3rd birthday.
These are random pictures from the past few months.