Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Frist day and last year of Pre-School

I don't know how I am going to do next year when Alaya goes to Kindergarten. I'm probably going to ball my eyes out, because today I just cried. When I took Alaya to her classroom her teacher helped her put her name tag on then helped her find her seat of where she will be sitting. Alaya was shy and was just looking at everyone and everything around her. She was nervous but also was so excited. I think the hardest part was seeing how nervous she was. When I went and got her she was so happy and all the "nervous" was gone. She brought home her new school bag and a huge smile!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bikes and Cookies

This boy was one messy boy.
Alaya I so pretty! We made chocolate chip cookies together.

Waiting for the cookies to be done.

Cannon had no problem eating them.

He loves cookies!

Alaya showing us her tricks she can do on her bike.

Alaya has done it.. She is so good at riding her bike all by herself from start to finish now. We are so proud of her!

Cannon checking out the scooter.

Cannon riding his new trike bike.

Alaya starts her last year of pre-school tomorrow. She is very excited to go to school and meet new friends. We have had a blast this summer, many days swimming, riding bikes, many days at the park, hiking, playing with friends, and that is only to name a few. She is already excited for her 5th birthday, which is still a few months away. She has a lot of energy even after a long day of playing. She is still doing gymnastics. I am so proud of her and all her accomplishments this year.

Cannon is a fireball. He is into climbing on everything. He has learned to push chairs or boxes to get onto things. He loves playing with other kids but also thinks wrestling is the fun and nice way to play (that is how Alaya plays with him). He still take 3-4 hour naps everyday. He is still a picky eater and only likes certain things. He loves going to nursery now, for the past few weeks he hasn't cried once when I drop him off. We love having him in our family.