Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween/Adam's Half Marathon!

The lil stinker (skunk). He was soo tired/
The boys... Cannon, Adam and Jeremy
Alaya so excited to get candy, Cannon happy daddy is holding him and Adam and Jeremy enjoying talking to each other :0)
Look at that face!
She had so much fun.. We first hit up the University Mall cause it was pouring rain outside. Then we took her to a nice neighbor hood and I ran a block w her while Adam, Cannon and Jeremy followed us in the car. It was perfect! Not too much candy but enough and it was good candy! Once we got in the car Alaya said "I am happy now!" We are glad she had a good Halloween night because she has been looking forward to Halloween since the day after last Halloween.

The Prince and Cinderella w Alaya. She was so happy to see them!

Walking along.
Adam as V and Jeremy as a blind ref
The best family picture we could get.

Alaya was having a melt down, me trying to keep my cool, cannon wishing he wasn't in a skunk costume and Adam getting his mask on.

Our cute Kitty Cat!

My sister Felisha finishing the Half Halloween Marathon with her friend Miriam. Good JOB sis!!

Adam as a Zombie finishing the Half Marathon! When he ran through the finish line he put these blood gels in his mouth and blood was pouring out of his mouth! It was pretty cool and everyone around LOVED it! haha!
Jeremy and Alaya waiting for Adam to finish his race.

This was the first time we saw Adam running. Bloody Zombie!

2nd time we saw him!

Adam after the race! Look at his neck! Bloody and looks like something took a big chunk out of his neck! He worked hard on his costume!

Adam did really good in his race! The people that were handing out the packets though messed up.. There was two Adam Smiths and my Adam was one of them. Well the other one was in the 35-39 and Clydesdale division (which is for 200 + males). So first when Adam picked up his packet they gave him an XLarge shirt and it said Clydesdale division... He told them that he doesn't want a Xlarge shirt and they have him in the wrong division.. So they then put him in the 35-39 age division cause that is what the other guy was... So when I went to find what his place and time in the race I notice there was another Adam Smith that had finished in Adam age division in 2 hrs and 47 mins which had Adams Bib. HAHA! HUGE MESSS! So Adam in his age division got 25th place and finished in 1 hr and 38 mins! He did awesome and I am so proud of him! It was so good to watch him and cheer him on! HE AMAZES ME ONCE MORE!!

This was at 5:33 AM! Before he left I was able to snap a pic of him! He looked GREAT!!

The back of him!

Our pumpkins we carved... Adams looked really cool!

Our kitty cat


Alaya dressed up for school on Thursday for her Halloween party! She looked so cute!!
Hope everyone had a great Halloween!!! Next is Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Birthday!

Yup that is right it was my Birthday too! Happy Birthday to me on Monday the 25th. It was my golden birthday and a bit depressing. 25 is getting old!! I had a good Birthday like always... Adam just spoils me! He bought me a whole bunch of cooking pans, cupcake stand (been wanting one forever!) Snow hat and goggles. Then we went to Tacanos for dinner, for those who dont know what Tacanos is it is pretty much all you can eat meat and then they have a all you can eat salad bar! YUP AMAZING!!! Adam also bought me a delicious cake from Cold Stone and him and the kidos sang Happy Birthday. Then we ended the night with watching a movie and cuddling (which we dont get to do much of these days, so it was AWESOME!). OH... and then on our way to dinner..... Some lady decided she wanted to get into a 4 car fender bender and our car being the 2nd car infront. So we had to wait around for 30 mins to get everyone info and filling out a police form. And we had just gone around another fender bender, then 30 secs later it was us in the fender bender. But the good news... it wasn't our fault so our car will get fixed by the other cars insurances. yay! Hope everyone has a fun Halloween!! We will be taking the kids out to get some candy and then coming home and eating all the candy! Pictures will soon come!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Adams Birthday!

Adam wanted some dumb bell weights for his birthday. Isn't he the cutest thing ever? I know I am a lucky girl!
We did only 8 candles. Adam said "only 8 candles?" I said "Yes... do you want me to put all 28 on there?" hehe!
Cannon, Alaya and Adam. I was trying to get them all into the pic haha!

Alaya excited to sing Happy Birthday to Daddy!

Kiddos being them cute selves.

Alaya on her birthday, getting ready to go to school.

Cannon eating some dinner.

Adam wanted his moms pumpkin roll instead of a cake this year. It was my first time ever making it and it turned out pretty good, If I must say so myself!
Today is Adams 28th Birthday!!! He had to work today so we celebrated it yesterday while he was home. When I looked at the recipe for the pumpkin roll it only called for 1/2 of cup of pumpkin, which I bought a HUGE can of and I didnt want to waste it all. So I pretty much went crazy with making pumpkin things. I first made the pumpkin roll, then pumpkin muffins, then pumpkin oatmeal cookies. And the pumpkin roll was the best out of all the pumpkin things haha! Then Adam also LOVES clam chowder... so I made that for dinner. Adam will be also running the half marathon (the one that I was going to do, but hurt my knee) this coming sat! So we will be cheering him on. It will be his 2nd half marathon. I am so proud of him in all the amazing accomplishments he has done in the past year. He makes me so proud everyday and I am so blessed to be married to him. Alaya and Cannon Adore him and both get sooooooooooo excited to see him when he walks through the front door. He is such a great Husband and Dad!!! Adam I hope you have a great Birthday and WE love you so much!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Family Pics

I don't know what to think of these pictures.. The shoot was horrible.... It took 2 hrs, 4 different locations and a photographer that didn't know how or where to position us. We started at 3 pm and went till 5:30. The sun was in our eyes in some of the shots (I didn't post). Her camera wasn't working and we all were getting sick of pictures within the first 45 mins. I also wanted an apple orchard #1 but didn't get any there. Pretty bummed about it. I don't know if i even like the pics. blah!