Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mommy and Daughter!

Went to work with me in the SLC Office 2008
In Arizona in 2007
Summer in KC 2008
Just the other day 2009

I thought it would be fun to write how much I love my Daughter!! I love that she makes me smile first thing in the morning. I love how she wakes us up in the morning by yelling "mom!!! mommy!!!!". I love when she gets so excited when she learns new things or does something that she has been trying to do for a while.I love how she always smiles and I love it when she does her fake laugh and says "thats funny!"haha!!! I love it when she is hyper and runs all over the house. I love it when she is on the counter with me cooking. I love running her to the bathroom a hundred times a day. I love when she comes up to me to give me kisses and hugs. I love when she makes a mess so I can later on clean it up. I love how she loves to play in the bath tub while I get ready. I love that she loves eating all her food. I love when she wants to cuddle with me. I love how she knows so much already. I love love love her smile!!!!!!!! I love her curls in her hair. I love that she likes to go with me everywhere. I just love everything about her, she is such a huge blessing.I am so lucky to have such a wonderful daughter to teach and love.


Summer is finally almost here in Utah.. We can now see the deer.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Work Out!

Alright for all of you wanting to know what I do in my daily work out here it is!

I always start with a 30 min cardio. With running on 6.5 for 20 mins then for 5 mins run 7.0, then the last 5 mins 7.5. sometimes I will incline the treadmill to give me more of a work out.I don't run outside in the winter, it kills my ears and lungs too bad, but in the summer I push Alaya in my running stroller and I run 3 miles. Biking I will do it on a level 4 keeping it above 80 for 20 mins, 5 mins level 6 keeping it above 100, 5 mins level 7 keeping it above 110. The bike gives me a huge burn in the butt, it sometimes cramps up ahhh!!!

With working my upper and lower body I alternate the days. So one day Ill work my arms the next my legs but always do cardio and abs everyday!

Bench only on 20 and increase each week more reps of 15. So Ill start off week one with 3 sets of 15, 2nd week 4 reps of 15, 3rd week 5 reps 15 and so forth. Once I feel like 20 is too light I will move up one and start all over in the reps.

Free weights I bicep curls and tricep extension with 10 starting off, same thing in the reps, increase each week but I will go up to 15 lbs its the highest I go though. Once I get to 15lbs I will start the reps all over again.

Squats-100 will increase 50 each week. Those make me way sore haha!!

Leg curls to the butt haha! Don't really know what they call it. It is a machine though, I just do 10 and start off 3 sets of 15, then increase each week. Again Ill move up to 20 once I feel like I am not getting a good work out and start the reps over. But 10 is hard for me still, weak I know!

Leg Extension on same machine as leg curls to the butt, I do 10. Same reps and all. Will increase weight when I need to.

Then last but not least I do sit ups on the incline. I started off doing 50 haha! Cause I'm weak and having a kid kills your ab muscles. Then each day I add another 25 to previous number. So I am already up to doing 250.

Then I always stretch before and after its very important. That is the main work out routine that I do. There are more lil things that I do that I think help tone my muscles but those are the MAIN things I do. If it doesn't make sense let me know and I can explain it better.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Alaya and Updates!

Alaya loves her Cinderella blanket and Pony, Pinkie Pie
HAHA! We make chocolate chip cookies and I gave Alaya one. I look over at her and she had chocolate all over her face and it looked like a uni brow haha! So we were all laughing and so in this picture she was saying "what? what is on my face?"haha!

Alaya making cookies!

Alaya is almost completely potty trained. Sunday at church she didn't have any accidents. She had one the other night because of me, I didn't go to the bathroom in time and she got really excited. She has also had lesser wet diapers during the night and at naps. Once she sleeps completely dry I will not put a diaper on her through the night. Ahhh this is a huge relief for me to have her potty trained.

Update on my work out. AHHH! I am so sore! I seriously need a massage! I have not missed a day during the week of working out yet (it feels so good to say that). I feel great, but other than I'm so sore haha! Pictures will be posted in 5 weeks!

I'm way excited right now, cause we find out in a few weeks where we will be going for sure this summer! I'm excited for the summer to be here so we can start a new exciting chapter in Adam and I marriage. That is Adam will be going to Nursing school! I just can't wait!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Very Random!

My brother, Billy had surgery last week and everything went fine. He had to get 3 screws in his wrist and arm, ahh!!! My mom sent me a picture (but I deleted it from my phone, sorry) and you can see all the screws sticking out of his arm through the bandage. I asked my mom how they get the screws out and she said "They screw them out!" AHH!!! But he is doing alright, just in a lot of pain and on a lot of pain meds.

Adams brother, Jeremy came down from Idaho last night. So Adam, Jeremy and some other guys went camping overnight, last night, in the freezing cold snowy weather. Personally I think they are crazy for going camping outside in the middle of winter but they are guys. I guess they used to go winter camping all the time. CRAZY! Then today they are going snowshoeing, which is fun! Adam took his snowboard because I guess he thought he would be hiking up some HUGE mountains, he is soo cute!

Alaya is still doing awesome at Potty Training. Yesterday she woke up from her 2 and half hour nap with a dry diaper. I took her potty right when she woke up and went! So she is getting better! She got her "Pinkie Pie" Panties the other day for doing so good. I'm so proud of her!

So the other night Adam and I were watching a movie on our TV and all of a sudden the movie just stops and the TV was making this crazy noise! ahhh!!! Can I just tell you I hate but love electronics. No joke we always have the worst luck with electronics, they just don't like us or something. So anyways we think it is the cord from out DVD player to the TV that is the problem. Also our computer is being weird. It takes forever to get on the Internet and it is soo annoying!!

This is really random but does anyone else want to go to a Tropical Beach with me? I just want to lay in the sun and drink lemonade. I wish it was summer!! Sorry this post was very random!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


First of all I want to say how good Alaya is doing at Potty Training! She is doing AWESOME!!! She tells me when she needs to go potty and mostly every time she goes. Yesterday and today she has gone both one and two in the potty all day long. Her nap and bed time diapers are getting more dry, which is awesome! She has done it!!!!! So I told her last week is she keeps doing so awesome on the potty that I will take her to the store and buy her Pony panties, cause she is really into "Pinkie Pie Pony" right now haha! So tomorrow we are gonna do that.

My brother Billy went in for surgery today. He has to get screws in his wrist for 2 months. Then I guess they take them out. But I'm sure for now on he will wear wrist guards and a helmet. But I haven't heard from my mom yet of how he is doing since he has gotten out of surgery.

Working out is going good. I have done an hour a day all week so far. Its good cause Adam keeps pushing me, I love it!! But I must say I'm having a hard time laying down and getting up from laying down cause my ABS are sooo sore!!! I seriously haven't worked them this hard since I was in High School haha!!! It feels good though haha.

So there are few lil updates of a few things that are going on right now!Hope everyone is having a great week!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Billy the Kid!

Well today I got a lovely call from my mom telling me that she has spent most of her morning in the ER with my Brother Billy. Billy was up at Sunrise (in Arizona) snowboarding and it was his 2nd run of the day and he decided to do a jump. Which Billy is very crazy and daring at doing anything. He jumps a lot off of cliffs and jumps all the time. Well this time he hit the jump way too fast and went about 15 to 20 ft in the air and then landed about 30 to 40 ft away from the jump. He landed right on his wrist (well just look at the picture) and he also hit his head really bad! So he rode his board down to the bottom of the mountain and his friend drove him to the Fire Station, they tried to put and IV in him about 4 times and they had to pop his wrist back up.AHHHH!!! Then the ambulance took him to the hospital. So he is doing alright, he is on a lot of drugs right now. He probably will have to do light work at the Fire Department for awhile, until he can get a cast on. Hope you get feeling better BRO!!!


Well since this month is almost over (there is like a week and half left) I decided to add up how much I have saved this month on groceries (drum roll, please).......$117.07. I have spent $192.53 and before this month Adam and I were spending about $400.00 a month on FOOD. AGH!!!! way too much money if you ask me. So I just want to say Thanks to all the grocery stores for having sales and for them to have coupons. I also like Thank Carrian for showing me how to do it. It is fabulous!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Working out!

Alright so this past summer Adam and I did so good at working out everyday. We both got pretty toned but once we got back to Utah we just stopped working out. I personaly hate working out in the winter cause it is so cold. But I have been so lazy and I feel like crap lately, that I just need the work out. So my lovely husband started working out two weeks ago and of course it makes me want to work out as well. So he got me to the gym last friday and I was so sore the next day! haha! Yesterday I said "Lets take pictures of our bodies before and then after (every 6 weeks). I'm not gonna post the pictures until we hit the BIG 6 weeks though. Its always good to have some kind of motivation, right?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Its been a week!

Alright so a week ago I today I started my 2nd attemped to Potty Train Alaya. It has been successful!!! Monday she started telling me she needs to go pee on the potty and then out of no where she wanted to start going on the BIG potty! She has had a few accidents but they are my fault cause I dont get to the bathroom fast enough or sometimes forget to remind if she needs to go. But we have made some scary adventures to the store a few times and we even went out to eat last night. She did awesome and went potty before we ate then after, but she loved going to the resturant bathroom cause they had blue hand soap haha!! So she kept saying she needs to go potty after she just did cause she wanted to go back to wash her hands. FUNNY! Here are some pictures I took of her today!! WHAT A BIG GIRL!!! ADAM AND I ARE SO PROUD OF HER!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Alright so I was going through some of my older pictures of our beautiful daughter, Alaya. AHHH I love this girl to pieces! I must say Adam and I make beautiful babies, if we could ever make anymore that would be nice! Anyways... Look how chunky and beautiful she is and she is even more beautiful now!! AHHHH I LOVE BEING A MOMMY!!!

Do you have a Recipe Blog??

I have already 2 recipe blogs and I love looking at them,but I want MORE!!!!! I always try to be a good cook but sometimes I am LAZY! haha!! I want to try to be better and more of a healthy eater. I have been eating so much junk food lately and I see the pounds coming on, I feel aweful!!! So if you have your favorite food blog or if you have one post it in my comment area!! Thanks!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Coupons and Savings!!

There have been people asking me questions about how coupons work and how to save money. Here are some tips below.

  • Watch for double coupon days. Some stores always allow you to use multiples on one item while others have specific days set up to do that
  • The first Sunday of the month generally has the most coupons in your newspaper
  • Just like with the newspapers many stores will give you coupon booklets they are about to throw out. Just ask!
  • Look for websites to print coupons for free like, ( is similar),, and etc
  • Get two newspapers and double your clippings. You could always get one and then on the first Sunday of the month or early Monday morning go buy the newspaper.
  • Shop earlier. If you are like me and like fresh produce etc a lot of those items are marked lower in the mornings. The items are not as fresh later in the day and the store may remove the sale as the stock lowers for that item
  • Get cash and only use it to buy your groceries that month. This forces you to stay in budget.
  • Keep a price list, if you have a hard time remember what is a good price. A good example I always use is chicken breasts. While walking through the store I noticed a sale that had not been advertised on chicken. It was $1.39 a pound. I remembered I used to pay $1.79 and at one point we were even paying $2.10. I almost bought it, but I remembered I can get it for $1.19 a couple times a year elsewhere so I skipped and sure enough it later went on sale. If you find a really low price write it down. (Some online programs do this for you so you may not need to).
  • You don't have to buy every sale or use every coupon.It is easy to get excited and start buying things when you are walking around the store and you see it on sale. Just because you have a coupon or something is on sale does not mean you are going to get the "best" deal. Even if there is a great deal going on with a coupon the generic brand may still be a lower price than the sale and coupon combo.
  • If you see an amazing sale on something you always use and you have a coupon then get it. Every now and again you might find something that is worth going off the list.
  • Stockpile!!!! I promise that buying a couple of things at a great price is going to save you money. This is where having multiples of one coupon pay off.

There are so many more awesome tips to know. You can go to and the posts are by Carrian (she is amazing btw) I just copied some of the tips she has posted on there cause they are good!!! CHECK IT OU!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Trying Potty Training Again!!

Alright so most of you had probably read my post at the beginning of Dec 08 and I was starting to Potty Train Alaya. Well I gave up after 3 days!! It was horrible! The first 2 days she did good then 3rd day she just kept going in her panties. I was just lazy!!! Well last Thursday Adam left for Idaho to go sell and I decided to just DO IT and not give up this time. Well today it has totally paid off!!! She went potty all day long in the toilet!! ahhh what a relief from cleaning up pee and poop!! She is doing so awesome!!! She is even telling me when she needs to go and has started going on the BIG potty instead of her potty(she wanted to do that on her own). I think what really did the job was I was in desperate need of help on Saturday, so I was racking my brain trying to think of things that will influence her to go in the potty(cause I sure wasn't doing anything). Then it hit me get a movie about going Potty. So I ran to Wal-mart real quick and all I could find was ELMOS POTTY TIME. She loves it!!!Ever since she has watch it she has been going on the Potty!!! So if your kid is ready and they like Elmo, go get it! It is pretty funny!!! Also some of you might think I'm mean but I read if you have them help you clean up their mess they made, then that will help them to stop going in their panties(Yes I have made her help me). They also said to let them stay in the messy panties for a min or two they can understand that it is uncomfortable. I can't give up, no more going back to diapers only for nap and bed time for now. AHHH!!! I can do it. It has been the hardest thing yet, but it is slowly getting better!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Coupons and Sales!

So today I went to Albertsons cause they are having an awesome sale. So I had all these coupons saved up waiting to use them for the right time, today was the day! I saved $50.64, AWESOME!!! I also got $15 for my next visit there. Super Excited!! Here is a picture of all the yummy food, cleaning products, medicine,ect. Thanks to my Friend Carrian for showing me how to use coupons!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Yesterday my sister called us and asked us "if we would like to go sledding?" Well first of all I haven't even bought Alaya any snow clothes this year because last year she used her snow clothes about 3 times. So I have just been holding off. So when it came time to go sledding I was trying to think what we were gonna do. Well I pulled out her last year snow clothes and put them on her. They were a lil shorter than I would them to be but they workout good enough. She didn't get cold at all. It started off her crying and wanted me to carry here up the huge hill. While I was doing that I kept slipping cause my boots have no traction on them, haha! So I was laughing so hard cause I couldn't get up the hill. Finally about 10 mins of getting up a hill Alaya was freaking out and Adam just wanted to go home. I said "no we are staying cause it took me forever to get up that hill" haha! So Adam took Alaya down the hill and she just loved it. She wanted to keep going, poor Adam was soo tired from pulling her up the hill 20 times haha!!! I basically watched everyone (I did go a few times) and was holding my nephew Preston. He went down a couple of times but he ended up falling asleep, it was way cute!!!When it came time to leave Alaya through a fit cause she wanted to keep sledding. We will for sure have to take her sledding again!

Monday, January 5, 2009

This is awesome!!!

Alright I'm totally excited about this!!! One Sunday at Church I was walking through the halls and I saw this girl, that looked soo familiar but had no idea where I knew her from. I was sitting in Sunday School just thinking over and over. Then it HIT ME!! The girl was off "So You Think You Can Dance 2008". Her name is Chelsie Hightower. I see her every Sunday and every time I walk by her I just want to tell what a good dancer she is and I'm a big fan of her. HAHA!! She was one of my favorites and she was in the top 10, I believe. But I'm too chicken I guess to say anything to her. WHAT WOULD YOU DO??? Here is her picture!! I'm not a stocker really, It is just soo cool to see someone in person that I watch on TV for practically the whole summer!! haha!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Elder Jake!

Adams lil broter is on a mission right now in Hamburg, Germany and he had sent a few pictures. I LOVE this picture. It is Elder Jake handing this huge hand a Book of Mormon. Enjoy!!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

JAN 1, 2009

Jayson and Adam playing rock band
Alaya singing

Alaya and Preston

My wonderful sister and I

Its very hard to get Adam to smile for just one picture.

For New Years we went over to my sisters house and played games and rock band. It was a lot of fun!! Thanks Felisha and Jayson for a fun night! Happy New Years Everyone, hope 2009 is good for everyone!!