Monday, September 29, 2008

Up in Provo Canyon. I love it up there in the fall!!

Family PHOTO

Alaya and Ameila

The girls!! Alaya, Katelynn and Amelia

Alaya was washing her hands because she was playing with rocks and throwing them in the water. She was having a blast (as you can see below)!!!

Adam and Alaya before church.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Alaya always gets into my scriptures and just starts talking away like she is reading them. She has wripped many pages out of them. We read scriptures every night before bed time and always after her bath. So tonight after her bath she went and sat on the couch and started reading them. She is soo cute and loves Heavenly Father!
My lil reader
She was reading something good!
Alaya started this new thing where she always lines things up. She lined them all up and then was standing in line behind them all. Then running around them and laughing soo hard.
Got her to smile!!!!!
She knows where they all go too!
Alaya loves oranges, but they are soo messy. So I put a paper towel in her shirt so she doesnt stain it. She usally eats naked.
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm goood!!
I love this girl to death!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

YES thats right I cut Alayas hair today!!!!! I was kind of scared to do it myselft but it turned out really good!!! Im sooo proud of myself. I had to bribe her with some skittles and a movie of course,but she did awesome!!! Im so proud of her! It looks healthy now and not so dead. She is a beauty!

  • Here is her hair right after I cut it. I know it looks not that straight but it is, haha! Her hair just has a lot of curl and wave to it. Also check out the lost curl in the picture!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Katelynn, Alaya, Preston, Amelia.... These are Alayas cousins!!! They are sooo dang cute!!!!
A girl that I work with brought her new kitten to work. Alaya kept picking it up by the neck and she was holding it by the neck. Poor kitten!!! She loved it. Even an hour after seeing it she was still talking about the kitten. It was really cute!!!

Adams older brother Jeremy and his wife Callie came down from Idaho this weekend and they stopped by to say HI! It was good to see them! Here are some pictures of them as they were in a hurry to leave. haha!

Friday, September 19, 2008

So I was able to get the pictures sooner than I thought of the Farm, when Alaya had fallen into the water and mud. She smelled really bad!!! HAHA

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Today has been a rough day for me. Alaya has been throwing these horrible 2 tantrums. I mean horrible, where I cant control her. She will lay on the floor and kick the floor while she is screaming, then she will roll everywhere just with this horrible scream that is sooo deep it sounds like she is going to hurt her volcal cords. I hope that this tantrum stage will get over soon.

I wanted to wait till I had pictures to post this but Its gonna take awhile to get the pictures. Anyways, yesterday My grandparents took Adam, Alaya and I to Wheelers Farm here in SLC. It's just a Farm with alot of animals and you can ride a wagon, milk a cow, ride horses, etc. Anyways we get to this farm and I go inside with my grandparents to get some tokens to do stuff. We come outside and here walks Adam and Alaya, with Alaya just screaming. As they get closer Alaya is covered in MUD head to toe, she had fallen into a ditch with water and mostly MUD!!! Of course I didnt bring a change of clothes and the wipes werent getting all the mud out of her hair agh! So good thing we live like 1 mile from the place. So I ran home with Alaya and had to give her a quick bath and get her re-dressed and do her hair again!!! AHHHH! So after 15mins we get back to the Farm and not even 5 mins of being there Alaya trips on my foot (cause she never watches what is infront of her when she is running or walking) and falls right on her face in the concrete. AHHHH!!!! So it was a great 30 mins of getting to the Farm yesterday. But on a happier note we had fun. Alaya loved feeding the ducks and everytime she would throw food on the ground she would say "you hungry? here you go" haha Sooo cute! She loves animals and could live on a farm.

Besides Alaya throwing her fits and getting hurt she always tells me she loves me and gives me the biggest hugs ever. Im so blessed and greatful to be her mom and knowing that she loves me as much as she does. I cant even remember what Adam and I life was like without her, she is such a sweet princess!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

This is Alaya saying WOW!!! This is the first W
This is the O

This is the last W
I thought it was pretty funny how I got that whole word as a picture!!

This is Alaya's new thing to do. It drives me crazy. Im so afraid that the tv is gonna fall on her or something!!!

Alaya is soooo dang cute!!!! I can't even explain it!!!

This is her new smile! Its sooo cute!!!! haha!!

Shes is a beauty!!

S he was saying Cheese while I was taking the picture!

Today Alaya and I took a walk. There is this lil river that is behind our place and Alaya loved It. She loves anything that has to do with water though. So we were just having fun and taking fun pictures of her!! We really needed to get out of the house because she has started this horrible 2 year old tantrums. So we have to get out and do things to keep her happy. For her 2nd birthday I am wanting to do Cinderella, because she loves her alot!! So my sister called me and told me that her sis-in-law did her lil girls party as a princess party and she had some girls dress up like all the princesses! AHHHHHHH it was such a good idea! So now I want to hire someone to be Cinderella at Alaya's 2nd birthday party!! Her birthday is next month so I need to act fast!!! Im so excited for her birthday! haha!

Friday, September 12, 2008

We have had a really busy week since being back to Utah. My parents came up from az to visit, my sister blessed her lil baby boy Preston, my cousin Michelle had her first lil girl, and Adam's younger brother has left on his mission to Germany. It was my first time being in the MTC, and it was soo amazing!!! The spirit in there was sooo strong, I LOVED IT!!!!!!!We are doing really good, we are loving being back home. Alaya is excited to play with her cousins and see her new baby cousin. Alaya is starting to talk alot more. Her new things to say are "I'm comin!", "I'm sorry!", "I Ove You!", She can count to 10 by herself. Sometimes she will skip 4,5,6 and go straight to 7. But she is getting better and she has counted to 10 by herself alot. She knows alot of colors and shapes. She loves chocolate milk, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, PBJ sandwhiches, apples, bannanas, cereal, pankcakes, french toast, any kind of crackers. She dances all day and runs. She is in the process of getting her Eye Teeth. So we are dealing with waking up in the middle of the night and giving her drugs. They have been trying to come in for a long time and hopefully now they will pop through. She loves brushing her teeth. We sing twinkle twinkle lil star as we brush. She still loves to be held, which I love but when Im trying to get stuff done its kinda hard because she is huge and it kills me to carry her. She loves going to church and looks forward to reading scriptures everynight before bed. She has reminded me many times we need to read scriptures cause she will bring my scriptures to me. We are working on her saying the dinner blessing. I catch her praying all day long, its priceless!!! Adam and I are sooo blessed to have such an amazing lil, healthy girl. We are soo blessed and greatful!! Adam is still working hard and long hours! It will soon be over, thank goodness!