Monday, January 31, 2011


Yes! She climbed all the way up the wall by herself. She is seriously spiderwoman.. She is very strong and is always try new things like this.. How does she get down?....She jumps.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Days

Cannon.. look at those pearly white teeth.
Shes a beauty! Love this girl tons!

So handsome! I love his eyes. Love him tons too!

They never look at the same time.. So I have a picture of Cannon smiling then below a pic of Alaya smiling. They were sitting at the new color,drawing, paint table.. Alaya loves it cause she can play tea party, color or do whatever... its her table.

I have been just taking more time to just watch the kids through out the day in things they do.. We get so busy with the daily things and just miss out on what our kids do. I have been laughing a lot more when I do take the time to watch them cause our kids are so funny. It brings so much joy and laughter into our lives to watch them..

Friday, January 21, 2011

Oatmeal anyone?

Cannon is a very picky eater but when he eats something he loves you can tell. Look at this boy, he is covered in oatmeal and he ate the same amount as me.

Our Artist

This is what our 4 year old can draw and many more things. This is a picture of her and two bears, w trees and clouds.. She is so good at coloring and drawing!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Well I must say that I am a huge fan of sunscreen now... This picture above is what I had to get done yesterday.. I went to the dermatologist back in Sept (I think it was) cause I had this weird growth looking thing on my chest. Well it ended up being skin cancer. The doc told me he usually doesn't see that form of skin cancer on people until they are 40, pretty much double my age. I also had him look at this other spot that I was worried about (which is above).. Well they removed them both and sent them both off to the lab. I got a call saying they need to scrap the rest of the cancer cells off on my chest and that the second one (above pic) needed to be sent off for a second opinion. So they got those results and they weren't good either. Well I didn't have insurance at the time so of course it was a very pricey visit (wasn't expecting to have problems, well I was hoping it was nothing). They also told me that the 2nd one was a mole and will need to have the core removed. I said well can they wait till Jan (that is when we get onto Adams work insurance) and they said the one on my chest can not wait but the 2nd one can.. So I got the first one scrapped back in October and went back yesterday to get the 2nd CUT out... Yeah a inch and half cut later with I don't know how many stitches. They also did a body scan and found 2 more spots to remove (those were BLACK freckle looking spots). All my friends and family know how much I loved to be tan..... Well now I am regretting it all.. I wish I was smarter when I was younger and used sunscreen. Its a scary thing and the doc told me he is so glad that I was worried about these spots cause they could have gotten to be very bad. I have always lubed my kids with sunscreen and will continue to do so. Now I not only have gross freckles I have scars.. Its lovely! USE SUNSCREEN!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Its January!

The kids eating Marshmellows... So Yummy!
Alaya doing an awesome cartwheel

MOM STOP TAKING PICTURES! haha love this face!

Cutie Pie!

Alayas handstand. She is Amazing! SERIOUSLY!

These two are awesome! It has been a rough week. Cannon has had a fever of 102.5 to having a really bad cold. That all equals for a fussy baby! I am beat!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Adam in school!

This month has already been so crazy and I am sure the months are just going to keep getting more busy! Adam started school the first week of Jan. He is going to UVU full time and also working full time.. If he is not at school or work he is either at the kitchen table doing homework/studying or at school doing homework/studying. In his Theater class he has to go to so many our first one is this sat. Its called Oklahoma... Have you heard or seen? His plan is to continue to take a few classes over summer as well.. He also started a new shift at work so he can go to school.. So he works mon-thrus 7:30pm to 7:30 am then goes to school mon-fri during the day.. It has been a HUGE blessing for him to be in school and to also work. He still is working 48+ hrs a week at work.. I am so proud of him and he works sooo hard to get good grades and he is gonna succeed way over what is expected!I love you Ad Keep up the amazing work!! YOU ROCK!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas at the Cabin 2010

Nana with the kidos!
Christmas Night and Chucks BIRTHDAY!!

Polar Express Story Time.. We all had bells and we would Jingle them when Terri said the word "BELL"

Gma Smith and Alaya out in the snow

Matt and Adam getting some practice in before the BIG day of boarding, Matt ,Laura, Adam and I did.
Family pic
Another family pic

Hairy,Not Hairy, Hairy,Not Hairy HAHA!
WORMS and Chocolate

Our view!
One of the many living rooms
Alaya and Gma snowman.... I guess the snow was not snowman material.

Adams parents did this thing they called T-Day.. They gave everyone a T-shirt that reminded them of the person. Mine said "Yes I have a coupon for that " Adams said " I am tired of being my wifes arm candy" haha!
Alaya got a unicorn shirt!
Cannons is kinda was funny though!
Story and $5 gift exchange
Adam taught us all how to do oragami.. Jeremy and Jacob came up with a Smith Family Jingle Bells that was hilarious.. Wish we would have recorded it!
Gma and Cannon
Gma and kidos
3 generation picture. Chuck, Adam and Cannon Smith.




Christmas 2010

Alaya woke up right after Adam got home. She came into our room and said "Mom wake up it's Christmas!" I said "did Santa come?" She walked out and looked and came in and said "YES MOM HE DID!! COME LOOK!" She was very excited to see all the presents. (We dont put any presents under the tree till Christmas morning, makes things more exciting!) So we went out and waited for Adam to get out of the shower. Alaya and Cannon started off with their stockings. Alaya was in charge of handing out the presents to her and Cannon. She did good! Cannon knew what to do and he opened all his presents. The kids enjoyed Christmas this year! Then we got ready, packed and headed up to Heber where we met up with Adams Family..... To be Continued!