Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Boston Temple and Alaya riding horses

Adam with the Boston Temple behind him.
These were really cool flowers

Adam and I at the Boston Temple.

Alaya and Penny (the horse)

Alaya riding the horse all by herself.

Adam and I were able to go down to the Boston Temple last saturday. We were in the temple for 6 hours! It was an awesome experience, we really needed to be there that day. I also finally uploaded pictures of Alaya riding the horse last week. We also got Adams certificates in the mail for his EMT certification so now we can apply him to jobs. YAY!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another BIG step!!

Yesterday Adam went and took his National Exam to be an EMT.HE PASSED!!!!!! I had no doubt that he would cause he is really smart but he came home and said that the test was really hard, they were doing construction in the building so he just heard pounding the whole time, and the AC wasn't working so it was like 120 in there. Then last night he told me "Crystal I don't think I passed". Well he was wrong!! haha!! AHHH I am so happy for him right now!! Now we just need to find him a job out in UTAH and UTAH HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!I think he is gonna do Paramedic next before he starts nursing so he will have that as he is going through nursing school. So that will hopefully be the next step to his career that he is going to LOVE!!! Alaya is doing really good she is into Horses right now. So today we are going to go take her horse back riding. She almost has a head stand down all by herself and loves to do back bends. She is getting better at swimming, since the weather has been so nice here we have been out in the pool like no other. I am doing good. Baby boy is healthy and is kicking like crazy. We hope everyone else is doing fabulous! We love and miss you all!!!