Tuesday, June 29, 2010

5 Years

Adam and I had a great 5 Year Anniversary. Adam had to work on our actual anniversary the 18 of June so we celebrated it on the 19th. I told Adam that I would plan our date for the evening. It was pretty much lil things we use to do together when we first started dating and were married. We first started the night off with going and getting my present...A video camera! It was a total suprise, but we have used it a lot already for the kids. Then we went to Bajio (used to eat there all the time cause Adam worked there) Got our food to go and I blind folded Adam and drove us up to Rock Canyon (where the first I LOVE, KISS, Hike was said and done). When we first got there there was a local band playing and Adam had NO idea where we were. haha! I still have him blindfolded when we got out of the car. Then we walked up a ways and I found a lil spot (which was rocky, but the rocks were warm) it was right by the lil river. I left Adam on this bridge with food and blindfolded while I went and set up a blanket with rose peddles and candles. Then I told him to take his blindfold off and he was kinda confused where we were.. It was great!! Then we ate and just talked. He thought we were gonna watch a movie in the canyon on a blanket cause I said we were going to so he was like " since we are staying awhile are we gonna find a spot that is softer?" (cause we were sitting on rocks) I had to tell him we were watching a movie so he would know what we were doing next... I said "we arent watching a movie until later and we will watch it at home on the couch, but that we are going to do something else first" So we loaded everything up and I blindfolded him again and we went Rock Climbing! He was way excited... I brought his rock climbind shoes and we rocked climbed for about an hour or so. It was really fun!! Something I have been wanting to take him to do, and Finally we did it! Then we went home and watched Valentines Day (cute movie)...I got his bike fixed for him, which he has been wanting it fixed for years. So now him and Alaya can go on bike rides together. I am so grateful for Adam! We have been through a lot together in 5 years and every lil thing has made up closer together. We have 2 beautiful kids and we are headed in a good path. I LOVE YOU ADAM!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cannon 6 mo

Cannon LOVES LOVES Alaya

Cannon is now sitting up by himself, he sometimes falls over at times but he has it down for the most part. He is rolling all over the place. He has been getting some teeth, he is a good teether for the most part. He sleeps a lot and isnt all that fussy. He smiles at everyone that talks to him. He loves to hang upside down. I can go on and on about everything he does. He has his 6 month doctors app tomorrow so we will see how much he has grown since his 4 mo app. All I can say is my arms have gotten very toned from carrying this lil man! We love him so much and is growing up tooo fast!!!!!!


Adam finishing up his race after running 26.2 MILES!!!!!

He did AWESOME!!!!! 3hours and 30mins Chip time! WAY TO GO ADAM! His goal time was 3hr 30min.
He is amazing!!

Drink up! Lots of fluids

Even sharing with Alaya.

Stretching those legs!

Adam race started at 5:30 AM, starting up Provo Canyon then ended at Provo Mall. He seriously Amazes me everytime he goes out and run. It so amazing to me that he can run that far and it started off just running SMALL 5k's w each other. Now a 5k is nothing to him haha! He got 11th place in his age group out of 92 guys, and 212 out of 1393 people. I felt really bad cause this was Adams first Marathon and I wasnt able to get many pictures of him. Well maybe he will run another one next year (wink)! I am so proud of Adam!!! WE LOVE YOU ADAM!!!