Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Cannon!!!!

He loved his cake!

Loved the paper table cloth too!

He really wanted to grab his Dinosaur cake

Mommy and Cannon

Cute Alaya!

Alaya,Cannon, Adam!

Ready to parrrty!!

Before the party started!

Party table!
The Dinosaur cake! The hardest cake I have done yet! So worth it!

Birthday Table!
Our Cannon Ball is 1 years old!!! It has been an awesome year watching him grow and learn the things he already knows! He loved his party and really loved eating the cake!! Thank you to everyone that has given him cards, money,presents and LOVE! WE LOVE YOU CANNON AND WE HOPE YOU HAD AN AWESOME BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pirates and Santa

Cannon loved the bread sticks!
We took the kids to Pirate Island for dinner.. This was when you first walk in.. Pirate Island was cool, they sat us right next to the play ship and arcade. So Alaya was able to play while waiting for food. The only bad part was our server we had smelled like a real Pirate...

We need to go find a different Santa.... This year they made it where you can not take any of your own pictures, while standing inside... I was probably 50ft away taking these pictures and then they have the girls purposely stand in front of Santa so you can NOT take pictures! I didn't get any pictures of Cannon with Santa. I get that all the picture money goes to Santa charity or whatever but I don't feel like paying $20 for one picture..I was pretty bummed how they did it this yr... Maybe if they lowered their prices they would get more business.... Just a thought.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Tree 2010

2010 Christmas Tree
The kidos and Adam
Adam trying to get Cannon to hold still for a picture by the tree.

Somewhat smiles

Our tree is the same every year...I dont mind cause it makes things easy! So far the tree is still standing somehow and has no ornaments on the bottom half because of Cannon.
Alaya decorating the tree. SHE is so happy it is almost Christmas!!

Alaya with the tree!

Pretty Girl!
Trying to figure out why the tree stand wasn't holding the tree up!

We set up our tree last night after church...1 so Alaya would stop bugging me about putting the tree up! We are excited for this month.. Cannon will be 1 in just a few weeks, Christmas, snow, Adams family is coming out here from Maine, and we just get to serve others and continue to be THANKFUL for EVERY THING we have!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Can you see him? Yup that is Cannon.. This is how I see him everyday! Well today he was playing in Alayas room... 5 mins later (not even) I went to go check on him he was in my bathroom had everything out from underneath my sink. I picked it all up and shut the door I put him in the living room with Alaya.. 5 mins later go check on him he is no where to be found(at least where I looked).. I find him in the other bathroom ( I had shut the door previously, but Alaya had opened it). He was standing there in the dark playing in the TOILET! I turn the light on and he had a full roll of toilet paper in the toilet and had taken some out and put it all over the floor then he had all the stuff out from underneath the cupboard. Oh and he was soaked head to toe in toilet water. It was lovely! He is figuring out how to open EVERYTHING!!!!! I already have locks on all my kitchen cupboards, next will have to be the bathrooms. Cannon is now to the point where he will walk with me holding just one of his hands. Every time music comes on he immediately starts dancing (it is really cute!). He now weighs 21lbs almost 22lbs. He is still really picky with foods he eats! I dont even know how he weighs as much as he does because he is so picky! We LOVE HIM!
The cuties!! They have started to play with each other more. Alaya always gets a good laugh out of Cannon. They are always chasing each other around the house..It it really cute to hear them both laughing when we are driving down the road.. THEY ARE AMAZING!

Alaya is so funny!! Today she said "Mom look at my eyes!" I looked over and saw this! haha!! She is so funny! She is always making us laugh! Last night Adam told her to eat her soup and she can get more bread (cause she was just eating bread and no soup)...So then Alayas reply "dad that doesn't make any sense!" haha! WE both laughed cause it did make sense.. She is doing really good in school and still loves to go! She is just getting really good at gymnastics still and waiting to hear back if she got into a more advanced class. She is always running around the house and making up something new with her toys. She is always singing and making up new songs (which I remember I used to do that when I was lil) This girl also hates getting dressed for the day, she would rather be in a t-shirt and panties all day! Which Im sure most 4 yr olds would like to do that at least I hope it is somewhat normal.. WE LOVE HER!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hello November!

We have had some really warm days here for the month of November. The kids were loving all the leaves on the ground. Look how BIG our kids are.. Geez where has the time gone? Crazy to think last year at this time we had just moved into our house and we were praying that Adam would get a job. I was also HUGE, prego with our lil man. WE have so much to be THANKFUL for this month! Just a few things I am THANKFUL FOR...
1. Heavenly Father
2. My Family
3.Adams Job
4.Our home
5.Our car
7.The daily things I get to do everyday.
These are basic things but they are the most important things that give me comfort everyday. I am so grateful for Adam and working so hard so that I can stay home with the kids. I'm grateful for Adam always wanting to take me to the temple with him. I am grateful for the daily messes the kids give me to clean. I am just so grateful for EVERYTHING!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween/Adam's Half Marathon!

The lil stinker (skunk). He was soo tired/
The boys... Cannon, Adam and Jeremy
Alaya so excited to get candy, Cannon happy daddy is holding him and Adam and Jeremy enjoying talking to each other :0)
Look at that face!
She had so much fun.. We first hit up the University Mall cause it was pouring rain outside. Then we took her to a nice neighbor hood and I ran a block w her while Adam, Cannon and Jeremy followed us in the car. It was perfect! Not too much candy but enough and it was good candy! Once we got in the car Alaya said "I am happy now!" We are glad she had a good Halloween night because she has been looking forward to Halloween since the day after last Halloween.

The Prince and Cinderella w Alaya. She was so happy to see them!

Walking along.
Adam as V and Jeremy as a blind ref
The best family picture we could get.

Alaya was having a melt down, me trying to keep my cool, cannon wishing he wasn't in a skunk costume and Adam getting his mask on.

Our cute Kitty Cat!

My sister Felisha finishing the Half Halloween Marathon with her friend Miriam. Good JOB sis!!

Adam as a Zombie finishing the Half Marathon! When he ran through the finish line he put these blood gels in his mouth and blood was pouring out of his mouth! It was pretty cool and everyone around LOVED it! haha!
Jeremy and Alaya waiting for Adam to finish his race.

This was the first time we saw Adam running. Bloody Zombie!

2nd time we saw him!

Adam after the race! Look at his neck! Bloody and looks like something took a big chunk out of his neck! He worked hard on his costume!

Adam did really good in his race! The people that were handing out the packets though messed up.. There was two Adam Smiths and my Adam was one of them. Well the other one was in the 35-39 and Clydesdale division (which is for 200 + males). So first when Adam picked up his packet they gave him an XLarge shirt and it said Clydesdale division... He told them that he doesn't want a Xlarge shirt and they have him in the wrong division.. So they then put him in the 35-39 age division cause that is what the other guy was... So when I went to find what his place and time in the race I notice there was another Adam Smith that had finished in Adam age division in 2 hrs and 47 mins which had Adams Bib. HAHA! HUGE MESSS! So Adam in his age division got 25th place and finished in 1 hr and 38 mins! He did awesome and I am so proud of him! It was so good to watch him and cheer him on! HE AMAZES ME ONCE MORE!!

This was at 5:33 AM! Before he left I was able to snap a pic of him! He looked GREAT!!

The back of him!

Our pumpkins we carved... Adams looked really cool!

Our kitty cat


Alaya dressed up for school on Thursday for her Halloween party! She looked so cute!!
Hope everyone had a great Halloween!!! Next is Thanksgiving!!