Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break

Adam has his first Spring Break starting tomorrow. I know he is for sure looking forward to just these few days off of school. Cheers to a fun week to spend w Daddy and Husband!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Disney On Ice

Alaya finally figured out where we were. She was LOVING it.
The opening show

Alaya watching it.

Princesses and Princes


Jessie and Woody

Jessie, Buzz and Woody
We didnt tell Alaya where we were going to Disney On Ice until we sat down. She was way excited. Although she kept bugging me through the whole thing she wanted one of those spinning things that light up. Cannon started to get green gunk in his eyes and was crying pretty much the whole time. He was warm so Adam decided to leave and go get him some motrin. Adam missed the 2nd half of the show, and go back when it was over, I felt bad. But once Buzz and Woody came out Cannon stopped crying and was pointing and was loving it. I am also the worst mom cause I didnt get any pictures of the kids.. It was dark and the flash was way too bright, so no pictures of the kids and most of the pictures were blurry.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Getting big quick

Enjoying chocolate cookies

Bud is 15 months old today.. Seriously I just want him to stay this small FOREVER..

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


This is Adam and his sandwich.. It was a delicious sandwich ( I made me one today). He put lettuce, jalapeno peppers, dill pickle, tomatoes, turkey, cheese all w toasted bread.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Alaya and I leaving the Fairy Land.

The lil fairies w big fairies
The King w all this Fairies.

Amelia and Alaya

Fairy food

Watching the Ballerina's

The King coming to join the party.

Fairies coming to join the party

Learning how to do a curtsy

Sorry the pictures are always backwards. You think I would learn after doing so many posts. Any who the fairy party was so much fun. When we first got there we were greeted by beautiful fairies, then was taken to the tooth fairy table.. All fairies got a necklace that was a fairy and then some fairy dust. We got to see each fairy walk across the stage and twirl and do a curtsy for the fairy king. Then we ate some delicious fairy food and went and visited all the fairies. Alaya had a blast and so did I. We will have to wait another year till we can return back to fairy land.

Kangaroo Zoo

Timpanogos Mtns.. Looked awesome this morning!
Other MTNS. Dont know their names But the clouds were amazing!

Bud is thinking what is that?
Alaya being a monkey!

Going down the big slide! It was so much fun!

Alaya always finding a place to do a handstand.

We had the whole bouncing cage to ourselves.

C and mommy

Haha just did a flip.

Doing another flip. looks cool!

Playing w the fish (I guess that is what it is.)

Trying to get up with all the kids bouncing him around.

Alaya loving the "Dragon", I think its suppose to be a sea monster but Ill just let her keep thinking a dragon.

Finally a SMILE... He loved it so much!
Yesterday I told Alaya I had a surprise for her when she gets out of School. I didn't tell her where we were going or anything until we pulled up to the Kangaroo Zoo... I have seriously never seen that girl more excited about anything in her life.. She was so excited that she seriously was getting teary eyed. It was good to see her that way. Cannon Loved playing on all the animals but didn't like going down the slides so much.. I'm sure that will change this summer. It was fun! I was beat by the time we were done.