Sunday, August 29, 2010


Yesterday our lil man started crawling!! YAY!!! I love when they start crawling, makes things a lil more easy. They can get to toys, can entertain themselves a lil more, can crawl to me, and I honestly dont mind cleaning up the mess. Cannon is already starting to pull himself up onto the bath tub, baskets, couch, chairs. I also remember at this age their poor lil heads are always bruised from all the hard falls. Alaya is also learning fast that she can't play on the floor without Cannon coming and playing with her. Good times!!


These were some cupcakes I made for a babyshower I threw for a girl in our ward. AHH I must say they were so delicious I wanted to share with everyone!! BTW I would love to have my own cupcake store someday haha!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Mom, I am a white unicorn with a purple and pink tail"

Alaya is our fairytale girl. She is always telling me she is either a cat or a unicorn. When she is a cat her name is Sophaphia (sp) and she has a white tale. When she is a unicorn she has a pink and purple tail. If I ask her to go pick up her toys " Alaya go pick your toys up." "NO MOM!!! I am not Alaya I am........." Then she proceeds to tell me if she is either the cat or the unicorn. If she is the cat she wants me to call her Sophaphia (sp). She is always talking to herself and I honestly would love to live in some of her places! They sound really like a fairytale. Every night when I get Cannon down for the night I usually take Alaya outside cause it has cooled down and she either likes to ride her bike or we draw on the sidewalks with chalk. It is really fun to draw and spend that one on one time w her! She is such an awesome GIRL!!!

Look at our cute CHUNKY Babies!!

Bored one night and the kids were in their undies and diapers and they both looked cute! So I took pictures!! I love their chunky lil bods...

Pre-school here AlAyA comes!

Tuesday was Alayas First day of Pre-school for the school year. She did the summer pre-school that was one day a week but now she is going 2 days a week. She is going to school at her Gymnastic Gym. They do a pre-school where they do academics for 2hrs and 15 mins then gymnastics for 45 mins. That is why she is dressed in a leotard and a skirt. Alaya just loves it!! We also have her in a normal gymnastic class on wed and that is an hour long. So we have 3 busy days in a row, which we LOVE, cause I get a sleepy girl for the night!! Hopefully by the end of the school year Alaya will be starting to READ! We are so proud of her and she is accomplishing so many things already in life!!

Chair Redo!


I dont know how many hours it actually took me to finish this chair.I have worked on it for 2 days though. Somehow I finally some what finished the chair. The cushion I did was way too big! Dont know how it ended up being so big but its big and you can tell in the picture its pretty baggy. I have most of it tucked in. BUT I have just lost paitents with doing this project I am ready to be done!!!So I am waiting for my mom to help me with the cushion cause I will just mess it up more and she will be here in a week to make it tighter. But I like this chair a lot better now! Im making a cute pillow to go on it! The cool thing is we got the chair for FREE and I bought all the material for $20. So it was a nice cheap project and my first chair ever to reupholster... Dont think I would ever do it again.... I had to pull out about 500+ staples, cut my hand open with a screwdriver, got splinters,my head it killing me from thinking of how to tighten, tuck and pull the material, tired of my house being a wreck and my body is sore from bending over.... Im just glad its all DONE (almost, till the cushion gets fixed)!!! yay!!! YOU LIKE?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

This is what we do when we are bored

Our family!!!Look how BIG the kids are getting!!!
Canon rolling and drooling everywhere.

Cannon learning to crawl, he is sooo close!!

Adam and I being silly. What we love to do!

Cannon and Alaya laughing at mom.

You can for sure tell they are brother and sister.

Alaya trying to help Cannon smile. haha!

Alaya... She is so funny she was moving around and giving me all different kinds of poses.

Beautiful smile!

What the heck are you doing mom? Cuties!! Alayas hair is soo long and still curly!

Playing on the floor together.

Great mom has the camera again!

Yesterday was Alayas FIRST gymnastics meet. It was just to basically show us some of her skills she has learned (even though we go watch her every time she has gymnastics) but they handed out lil purple ribbons to the kids in her class. They don't do placing in her age groups, she would have to tryout and go to bigger meets for that. But we like her to just enjoy it now and Im sure she will like to compete with other kids in a yr or so.. But she did amazing, which I wasn't surprised at all.. She keeps asking me EVERYDAY (no JOKE) "mom is it follow follow ween (Halloween) yet?" "Mom is tomorrow Christmas?" "Mom, is Katelynn, mia, Aida, peyton, aubree, ava,preston coming to my birthday tomorrow?" these are the 3 questions I get asked EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!! haha! She is such a funny, beautiful girl!! Cannon is working on crawling so hard, he is 8 months. I seriously think he is going to be walking before crawling though. He is starting to pull himself up onto everything and tries to open doors to the tv center. He also has a TOOTH!! YIKES!!! It is his front bottom right one. I knew has been teething for awhile and it finally popped through. I finally got him and Alaya to sleep through the night... YES that is right!! I am getting a full nights rest!!! I don't even know how long that has been, but it feels amazing and We have happy kids in the morning!! Cannon also takes at least 3 and half hour nap in the morning and 2 and half hour nap or more in the afternoon. He is a growing boy!! He still has his really bad acid reflux it is just smelling more like PUKE now.... yeah I soon will be puking just from cleaning it up!!! I have a weak stomach for that. blah!! But I guess it is slowly getting a lil better!!On Thursday we went to the county fair which was a lot of fun. When we first got here we went right after a HUGE rain storm so the parking lot was nothing but MUD, SERIOUSLY nothing but Mud! Good thing I wore sandals so I didnt care if my feet got wet. Alaya got to ride rides non stop and as many as times as she wanted cause it was cheaper to buy her a wrist band. Then on some rides Adam and I had to ride w her so we go to ride for free. haha! It was great!! We ate a lot of junk food and got sick on some rides, blah!! We can't do the spinning rides blah!! WEll I hope you all are enjoying the weather now that it is cooling down a bit, which I'm not really liking cause I LOVE HEAT! but it also does feel good to have another season approaching (fall)... I like fall too!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Laughing at the New Missionary RED dot!
Adam, Jacob, Alaya, and Bro Franson
Jacob with brother and sister Franson.. Saying goodbye!
Me and Jacob, Stay away!!!

Adam and Jacob the morning that we took him to the MTC.

Enjoying the last few moments with Jacob before he leaves for 2 years!

The night before going to the MTC. Making those last phone calls to people.
Elder Jacob Smith has offically come home from his Mission in Germany! Adam and I were very lucky to be able to take him to the MTC and go into the room with him to watch a video and I will never forget how strong the spirit was that day in that room... EVERYONE was crying!! It was a good experience (Thanks Jake for letting us share that with you!) Now he is home and will be starting a new chapter in his life!! WE are so proud of you and WELCOME BACK TO THE USA!!!!!!!!!! WE love you and can't wait to see you again!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Moving on..

Here is a cute picture that I was able to snap of the babies today! Aren't they soo cute? Well some great news! Adam took his state test for his EMT Intermediate class and PASSED!! Now he gets all new badges they will be green instead of blue. We are so proud of him!! It feels so good to be moving onto bigger and better things!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Family is Everything!

Don't they look alike?

They love each other

These two are getting so big! Alaya will be 4 years old in a few months, going to school 2 days a week and is sleeping in her bed all by herself all night. Cannon is 8 mo on the 11th of Aug, sleeps through the night most nights, is almost crawling, and loves food. Adam and I are so blessed to have these two amazing kids. We love them soo much!