Friday, February 1, 2008

January 2008!!

Hey Everyone!!!! I cant believe that its almost Feb!!! AHHHHHH the time is going by way too fast!!! Here in Utah we have been getting soo much snow! We have about a foot outside and it just keeps piling up on top of that. WE have also had really strong winds, it is horrible, makes it impossible to go outside, cause you will either blow away or freeze into an icecycle. HAHA!I have a lot of pictures to send out this month. WE have been doing more outdoor activities this winter in the snow than we have in the past. We have gone sledding a couple of times,built snowmen,ice skating,park city. I usally hate the winter cause it gets dark do early and its sooo dang cold. But this year I have a different attitude about it, I actually like it haha! VERY WEIRD I KNOW!!!!!! I cant wait for summer time though. We are getting ready to go down to Arizona to visit my family the 3rd week in Feb. My lil brother Billy is flying up here before we go to AZ to go snowboarding. Then he is going to ride down to AZ with us when we go. It will be fun to spend time with him, I cant believe how big my lil brothers are getting.I have a cousin Marc that is coming back from his Mission, I cant believe its already been two years! So it will be good to see everyone that comes home to see him. Alaya is growing up really fast it seems. She has learned most of all her face,hands,toes,belly body parts.She also knows alot of animals and all the noises they make. She is talking a lot more,expecially right when she wakes up in the morning, she is non stop. Her favorite toy right now to play with is her dish set, it has plates, bowls, cups, forks,spoons and so forth. She could play with it for hours. She has her first set of molars coming through, her top two have come through and her bottom ones are in the process, oh my goodness I hate TEETHING!!!!!!!! She has had her days of crying all day long, no joke. I feel way bad for her and the pain she has to go through. She is in this stage of wanting to put her own clothes on.Today she had her leg in her pants and was screaming because she couldnt get the other one in.HAHAH! Its way cute! I have taught her how to eat with a spoon, she is very good at it and know exactly what to do(I have a picture of her feeding herself attached) Every Wed we have been going to StoryTime and the Library, she loves it! They do a puppet show with animals usally and then read a story and sing alot of fun songs.I have to take her into the doctors today to get her 15months shots YAY!!! Im sooo excited! NOT REALLY I HATE IT!!! Alaya is just an awesome daughter, Adam and I are sooo greatful to have her and we are sooooooooo sooooooo blessed!!! Adam has been working hard with his businesses. He also has been up in the mountains snowboarding and skiing. At the begining of the year Adam decided that he wants to start skiing more, so he went and bought some new ski boats. Went skiing with his new boots once and came home that night after skiing all day and said "you know Crystal I really would like to snowboard instead of ski". So a couple days later he took his boots back to the store and bought him a snowboard, boots and bindings. He is actually really good at snowboarding and he looks really hott in all his gear too. He wanted me to tell everyone that skies that he highly recommends snowboarding and to change your stubborn ways. haha!Sooooooo now he has been going snowboarding once a week and LOVES IT!!! For me, I have some exciting news!! Im selling this new product called Ocean Grown. They only have a skin line out right now and are working on a weight loss, that should be coming out in the next couple months. They wanted to start with the skin line because your skin is the largest organ of your body. This new product is made up of 4 Ocean Actives.The first one is Astaxanthin- this helps with inflamatory, UV ray protection and also anti aging. It has been proven to be 550x more powerful than vitamin E. The second Active is Icelandic Moss- this is for calming and hydrating your skin. 3rd is Irish Seaweed-this gives your skin the protein and minerals to build collagene and elasticity. 4th Antarctic Krill Oil- this allows you to get your omega 3 fatty acids, and is an essential component for health promotion and disease prevention. Also they have made it to where all the product containers are 100% recyclable. I have such dry skin and this has been the only product that I have found that works, so I decided to sell it because it helps me and I wanted to help other people find it as well. Alaya has been getting ezema on her legs and I have been using the lotion and it works amazing. If you would like to check out the product you can go to my website it is I also just been busy with taking care of Adam and Alaya. Its fun, I enjoy it!! For Christmas Adam got me ball room dance lessons. So every friday night for the past 9 weeks Adam and I have a date night to go learn to dance. AHHH WE LOVE IT! WE have have learned the chacha,fox trat and rumba. So far the rumba is our favorite dance.

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