Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Past two weeks.

Alaya reading at the Library.
Before we went canoeing down the Snake River.

Adam getting ready too!
Jeremy, Callie, Bianca and Matt

Callie, Bianca and Jeremy

Adams parents, Terri and Chuck

Alaya being Cinderella

Once Alaya put this on she said "Oh Cinderella, dream come true!"

Alaya getting ready for the tea party.

Drinking her cool aid.

Anna, Bianca and Alaya having a tea party.

We went Mini Golfing, Alaya didn't care for it too much.

Alaya thought she would do the last hole with Grandma.

Picture with the Moose before getting ice cream.

Adam and Nana playing the drums.

Alaya bowling for he first time.

She did way GOOD!!!!

Alaya, Bianca and Grandma Smith doing a play for us.

Adams older brother and his family came out from Idaho for 2 and half weeks. It was good to see them and Alaya loved having someone to play with everyday. We were able to do some fun things, the weather has been horrible for the past 2 and half weeks. Nothing but rain! We had a good time! Thanks Jeremy, Callie and Bianca for coming out!!
Adam is starting his EMT course in 2 weeks, he is gonna be way busy with that soon! We all three have been sick with coughs, runny noses, ear infections, and you name it! So we are trying, especially me to over come it all. I also fell down the stairs last week and have a huge bruise on my butt. Adam and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary last Thursday. We didn't do much, but we will do something this weekend. Thank you to everyone who sent us Anniversary Cards, we loved them! That is about everything for now! Hope everyone is doing good!


Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary and hope you get to feeling better. I know the pain about the goodness it's been miserable out here too, I am sure your sister has told you! Alaya is getting so big and can't wait to meet the next 'Smith' baby. Love you guys!

Carrian said...

Still no baby bump!!! Alaya, time to come home and play with Peyton!

Mary said...

Great photos....The area you are in is absolutely beautiful. When are you due? Talk about RAIN, I am so sick of it, but it is beautiful and soooooooo green. Been really cool, but today was quite warm, but nice./.....Alaya seems to be having the time of her ya, auntie M

Meg said...

It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun! I hope everything is going well with all that you guys have been through lately! You sure do have a beautiful family and your little girl is soooo cute! I wish we could get Addyson and Alaya together!! Happy Anniversary!! Oh by the way how are you feeling??? You sure do look great!!!

Britt and Spencer Johnson said...

Alaya is getting so big! Congrats on your four years! It looks like you guys are doing lots of fun stuff up there! Can't wait to see you guys when we all return to Utah!

J.Jaylyn.Hailyn said...

Hello cousin! Your little family is so sweet and beautiful. Congrats on the soon to be new addition. Yay!! Well you need to give me your email address so I can invite you to my blog! We miss you guys and things look like they are going well. Love you guys!!