Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fun Town Slash Town USA

23 Weeks

Adams mom

Alaya rode this ride like 10 times and evertime she picked this horse.

Alaya was so brave and went down the water slide all by herself.

Alaya and Anna

Alaya and Anna in the airplane.

Alaya and Anna
I am finally able to braid Alayas hair in pigtails.
Last friday we went to Fun Town Splash Town USA in Saco, ME. It was a lot of fun but very exausting for me at the same time. Just being on my feet all day just about killed me but it was fun to see Alaya having a good time. Adam got a new job, he will be coaching the 7th grade boys soccer team, starting tomorrow!! We were hoping he would get the job cause it pays good. It is only for 6 weeks long so after it is over we will be heading back to UTAH. The last day of the season is Oct 14. For the next 6 weeks Adam is going to be very busy, with working at the store, doing lawns and coaching. I think the most frustrating part is we can't get Adam his Utah EMT license until we actually get to Utah cause he has to take a practical and written exam again. Hope everyone is having a good end of the summer, it is becoming fall already here.


Tara said...

Glad you had some fun... good luck to Adam with the coaching job (one of Bob's favorite things and though I know it's good for him, it always becomes one of my least favorite - it takes him away more!)

Hope everything comes together for the move back... our move is a headache when it comes to all the "paperwork" and all the "red tape" be glad you're not coming to CA for that reason!=)

Michelle said...

You are all beautiful! Miss you guys...hope you come back soon! xo

Felisha said...

I have decided to make you a CUTE moo moo for when you are in the hospital. What do you think? I was watching Tori and Dean last season and she had a cute hospital gown and I want to make you one, it could be bright and fun! :) Miss you and love you. I am sure everything will work out!

Anonymous said...

Looks Like Alaya is having alot of FUN!!!! Sorry you got so wore out Crystal. I really like Alayas Hair, so so cute. Congrads to Adam on getting the coaching job. Can't wait to see ya all , Love ya all & miss ya all. With love Mom & Dad

reyn and heidi said...

i love Alaya's hair, you are so talented. i love that she is bending over for a picture too. she is soo cute! looks like you guys are making the best with where you are. and having fun. not too much longer and you will be back in utah and in your own place. :) glad adam got the coaching job. enjoy these last 6 weeks in Maine! make the best of it :) love you!