Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Cannon Michael Smith 7lbs 14 oz 21 inches 12-11-09
Alaya on Christmas!
Alaya playing with her toys!

Adam just got home from a 24 hr shift. He looks pretty tired!!!

Alaya on Christmas!

Alaya and Cannon Christmas Eve

She was got to open one present on Christmas Eve.
Making cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.

Cannon and I


Sorry this pic is sideways

He loves to sleep

His first Bath, he loved it!!

Alaya holding Cannon for the first time, YES I did have to bribe her with a cookie haha!
She then realized holding him wasnt so bad
Getting ready to leave the Hospital. He crossed his feet all by himself haha!!

Daddy enjoying every moment!

Proud Daddy!!

First time holding Cannon.

Adam and Alaya playing in the snow for the first time this winter.

Alaya getting all geared up.
So sorry it has taken me almost 3 weeks to post pictures of our new lil man! He is doing really good with eating and sleeping. Its kinda funny how I am not so paranoid with him as I was with Alaya. Just cause I have been through it before and I know how things work now. Its easy for me to sleep through his lil noise making and only wake up when he is crying to be fed and changed. It is a lot of fun to have both him and Alaya. I thought it was going to a lil hard but over all it is pretty easy. Alaya is doing really well with him. She helps me out a lot and it seems like she listens better to me since Cannon has been here. WEIRD!! Alaya loved Christmas this year. I like to wait to put out presents until Christmas Eve night then she wakes up Christmas morning to a new thing. She woke up this year and said " OH MY GOODNESS!!!" She was pretty excited that Santa came. She also asked me if "Santa ate some cookies?" that we had made the night before. haha!! She had to go see Santa a couple of times cause the first time she was too shy to tell him what she wanted, but the second time she was so scared but she told him what she wanted. Adam is enjoying his new job still. He stays pretty busy now that the other ambulance service went out of business, his ambulance service started picking up all their calls. So when he gets home from a 24 he is pretty tired. He also has been picking up a lot of extra shifts as well. So he is staying very busy!! I am doing pretty good. Just got over a really bad bladder infection and then I am now trying to get rid of mastitis in my breast. It has been one thing after another haha! We are all doing good and can't complain. We have Internet now so you can expect more updates from the Smith Home. We love and miss you all and hope everyone has a Happy New Year!!!


Carol said...

What a handsome lil man you have there Crystal! I've been checking daily for pics cause I've just been so excited to 'meet' him! Love the name, unique for sure! Carrying on Ad's middle name & it sounds so good together!
Hope your on the mend from your infections! Take care of yourself too!! It's got to be a lil more difficult to have some time for yourself, but make the time! Your family needs you! =)
Wishing you all a fabulous new year!

Kristi Gardner said...

He is sooo cute! I love his big eyes and his chunky cheeks! (even though they aren't even big) Can't wait to see him!

Leah said...

CONGRATS!!!! We are going pretty good, its feels alittle crazy with two at first huh???? We are dealing...Isabelle loves Kaitlin, but is craving more attention than ever! Cannon is too cute! I hope Alaya is excited to be a big sister! We miss you guys too!!! But I bet you dont miss the cold right now and DANG it is cold. Send loves to the babies (and Adam too!) take care of yourself and keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

CONGRADULATIONS !!! Crystal, Adam & Alaya. Thanks for letting me come and visit you and your Cute family . I enjoyed it alot. I am glad Adam likes his job!That always is a good thing. We love you all Lots. We enjoyed reading your blog. It keeps us up to date on your progress in life . We are proud of both of you . Hang in there. Your'e a Good mommy and you
enjoy every minute of it . because its gone before you know it.

With Love , Mom & Dad Rova

Carrian said...

Hooray for an update!!! I am loving all of the pictures. Cannon already looks so different to me. We miss you guys.

r said...

Ugh! Mastitus is the pits! I had it with Lucy and I've never been in so much pain. I hope it clears up soon!