Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer FuN!

4th of July 2010 Cannon
4th of July 2010 Alaya

Cannon and Alaya ready for the Parade on the 4th!

Adam and Cannon at the Provo Parade

Getting ready to watch Fireworks at the Stadium of Fire.

So cute!!

Adam and I watching Fireworks!
I haven't been in the mood to blog lately (weird I know!) Just been busy with other more imporant things in life. We had a really good 4th of July. Adam was off so we spent a lot of time with him. We went to the Provo festivals and saw a reptile show. They had a snake that was an anaconda, It took about 15 kids to hold him haha! We had a bbq at my sister house, lots of yummy food. Went and watched fireworks and Alaya played with the kids around us and Cannon slept until the fireworks started. Both loved the fireworks! It was a good 4th this year. Adam is taking his EMT Intermediate course right now. Next week is his last class! He goes monday and tuesday 8am-6pm. He also is working his full time job ontop of that. OH and did I mention they are going through a 2inch thick book in 4 weeks. Ya! YIKES! He has offical learned how to do IV's and some other things. Alaya got super kid of the week at school. She got to bring Gym Bear home and we filled out a chart of things about her. She still loves gymnastics and her coaches tell me she is very talented. She will start in August going to school and gymnastics 2 times a week for the next year. Cannon is now clapping, sitting up on his own, rolls everywhere, and is starting to crawl. He will get on his hands and knees and move one arm then fall. But atleast he is trying! He is now 7 mo old and 20lbs. Me just staying busy trying to keep everyone happy! Hope everyone is having a great summer so far!!!

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Carrian said...

I love that he is clapping. Such a doll