Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pirates and Santa

Cannon loved the bread sticks!
We took the kids to Pirate Island for dinner.. This was when you first walk in.. Pirate Island was cool, they sat us right next to the play ship and arcade. So Alaya was able to play while waiting for food. The only bad part was our server we had smelled like a real Pirate...

We need to go find a different Santa.... This year they made it where you can not take any of your own pictures, while standing inside... I was probably 50ft away taking these pictures and then they have the girls purposely stand in front of Santa so you can NOT take pictures! I didn't get any pictures of Cannon with Santa. I get that all the picture money goes to Santa charity or whatever but I don't feel like paying $20 for one picture..I was pretty bummed how they did it this yr... Maybe if they lowered their prices they would get more business.... Just a thought.

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