Saturday, October 24, 2009


27 Things I LOVE about Adam...........................
1.I love that he loves me!
2.He always listens to what I have to say.
3.I'm so glad that he loves roller coasters.
4.I enjoy watching him play with Alaya and laughing with her.
5.I love he loves the outdoors.
6.I love that he warms my side of the bed in the winter for me before I get into bed.
7.I love his eyes and smile.
8.I love that he is nice to mostly everyone he meets.
9.I love that he is my husband for eternity!!
10.I'm glad he is a clean person and will help me do dishes, fold clothes.
11.I love that he lets me sleep in longer than him if Alaya wakes up early.
12.I love how he looks at me and most of the time gives me a WINK!
13.I'm glad that we were able to go skydiving together for our first time.
14.I love that we love the same kind of music.
15.I love that our birthdays are a day apart.
16.I love how he cuddles with me and holds my hand.
17.I love that when I am down he is always trying to make me laugh or smile.
18.I love that he is a worthy priesthood holder and enjoys taking me to the temple.
19.I enjoy going to concerts with him.
20.I love how hard he works for our family and wants the best for us.
21.I love that he takes care of his body, exercise to eating.
22.I love that he keeps a journal and writes memories of us in it.
23.I love how he puts Alaya and I first before himself.
24.I am glad that we have gone through some hard trials together, it has made us closer with each other and the Lord.
25.I love the he will watch Barbie movies with Alaya.
26.I love that he likes to play card and board games.
27.I love that we have been married for 4 years and 4 months.
Adam I love you so much and I wish Alaya and I were able to be with you on your birthday today!!! I MISS YOU TONS and I am so grateful that we have everything together!! I LOVE YOU!!! HAPPY 27th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxox

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ad!

Hope you had a great day!