Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!!

Happy 24th Birthday to me! This is the 2nd year that Adam and I haven't been with each other on our birthdays. SAD!!! Today has been laid back, went to church, ate lunch, watched a movie, made some blankets for our baby boy, hung out with my mom and Alaya, and I just wish Adam was with me. I am really not looking forward to being 25 next year haha!!! That only means 5 years away from 30, YIKES!!!


r said...

Happy 24th!!

Man, I wish I was 24 again! I didn't appreciate it enough :)

Glad you had a nice birthday!

Mcbride Family said...

Happy Birthday Crystal!!!! Hope it was a good one. When you get back lets get together!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 24th Crystal!!

Hope you enjoyed your day!


Jodi and Jason said...

Happy Birthday! We're so old! 7 weeks left, thats awesome! I'm due April 22nd, we might find out tomorrow at my appt. what we're having, I'm almost 15 weeks, so I might have to wait 4 more weeks, we'll see.