Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cannons Blessing

Levi got Cannon to sleep.

Yep, this is my screaming baby! He screamed pretty much the whole time through the blessing. Adam still did an amazing job!! Adam, Cannon and Grandpa Smith

Happy lil Cannon before the blessing

Don't mind my weird face I am making. But this is the only picture I have of me and C. I was a complete slacker of not taking pictures.
We did Cannons Blessing in our home on Feb 13, 2010. It was a really cool experience and Adam did an awesome job. Cannon has been very gassy for the past week or so, so he has been one fussy baby. Which of course he gets gassy when company comes to meet him for the first time. Oh well....He looked so dang cute in his lil blessing suit. Thank you everyone that came and joined us for the blessing, it was soo good to see everyone! Oh and if you took pictures if you could PLEASE PLEASE email them to me.

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