Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Awesome Pics!

Alisha, Michael, Gavin
Lori and Gavin

Me, Cannon, Charles

Everyone that came to C blessing.
Our Bishop and Adam
Adam, Cannon, Grandpa Smith

Cannon (finally a lil happy)

Adam, Cannon, Me, Alaya (both kids just look tired and grumpy) haha!

Great Photo by Jenny

Another, My Beautiful Alaya
Here are some more photos from Cannons blessing that Lori took for us, THANK THANK YOU! Also my friend Jenny sent me more fabulous pictures!!


Carrian said...

That was so fun to see you guys. Let's not let our baby blessing be the next time we see you

Michelle said...

I am so sorry we missed it! would have been so good to finally meet Cannon and see everyone. Unfortuately Miss P's illnesses always come at the worst times! :) Well Congrats love. I am sure it was an incredible experience! Love you guys! xo