Saturday, November 20, 2010


Can you see him? Yup that is Cannon.. This is how I see him everyday! Well today he was playing in Alayas room... 5 mins later (not even) I went to go check on him he was in my bathroom had everything out from underneath my sink. I picked it all up and shut the door I put him in the living room with Alaya.. 5 mins later go check on him he is no where to be found(at least where I looked).. I find him in the other bathroom ( I had shut the door previously, but Alaya had opened it). He was standing there in the dark playing in the TOILET! I turn the light on and he had a full roll of toilet paper in the toilet and had taken some out and put it all over the floor then he had all the stuff out from underneath the cupboard. Oh and he was soaked head to toe in toilet water. It was lovely! He is figuring out how to open EVERYTHING!!!!! I already have locks on all my kitchen cupboards, next will have to be the bathrooms. Cannon is now to the point where he will walk with me holding just one of his hands. Every time music comes on he immediately starts dancing (it is really cute!). He now weighs 21lbs almost 22lbs. He is still really picky with foods he eats! I dont even know how he weighs as much as he does because he is so picky! We LOVE HIM!
The cuties!! They have started to play with each other more. Alaya always gets a good laugh out of Cannon. They are always chasing each other around the house..It it really cute to hear them both laughing when we are driving down the road.. THEY ARE AMAZING!

Alaya is so funny!! Today she said "Mom look at my eyes!" I looked over and saw this! haha!! She is so funny! She is always making us laugh! Last night Adam told her to eat her soup and she can get more bread (cause she was just eating bread and no soup)...So then Alayas reply "dad that doesn't make any sense!" haha! WE both laughed cause it did make sense.. She is doing really good in school and still loves to go! She is just getting really good at gymnastics still and waiting to hear back if she got into a more advanced class. She is always running around the house and making up something new with her toys. She is always singing and making up new songs (which I remember I used to do that when I was lil) This girl also hates getting dressed for the day, she would rather be in a t-shirt and panties all day! Which Im sure most 4 yr olds would like to do that at least I hope it is somewhat normal.. WE LOVE HER!!!

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