Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snow Snow!

The mountains from our front porch..They looked awesome!
Kids loved being pulled around in the sled. I on the other hand got a good workout.

Having fun!
This Cannons first time this winter actually playing in the snow. He loved it! He even did a big face plant in the snow and didnt even cry..He just wanted to sit right in the middle and play in it. And he did (pic below)

Alaya was throwing snow at him and he was laughing.

It snowed about a foot and was melted by 2pm the same day.. We went out at 9am and played in it, good thing we did. Alaya and I built a huge mountain of snow in the back yard. Then she would slid down it in the sled. I couldnt sled cause the snow was soo fluffy and I would make the mountain cave IN. It was a good time!

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Felisha said...

It was definetly gone by the time we went sledding at 2pm! Bummer! We should have gone that morning. Cute pictures and I Love the picture of the snowy mountains!