Wednesday, June 22, 2011

18 months and Nursery!

Cannon is officially in Nursery! He loves it! He has gone 3 times now all by himself. He does so good! Last Sunday though he new what was gonna happen once I dropped him off, I leave.. So he started crying and wouldn't sit.. But I sat him him for a bit then I snuck out.. He cried for a bit then he was fine. This lil boy keeps me so busy! If he is bored he just gets into everything that he knows he is not suppose to get into. He knows what makes Alaya mad and he loves to see her get mad. He will purposely take her toy and run with it. He loves being outside, playing in the dirt and with bugs. He is always carrying a baseball, basketball, soccer ball, pretty much any ball. He can say a lot of words. His favorite is saying baseball. He Loves when Adam gets home from work or school he immediately runs up to him and wants Adam to hold him. He still sleeps amazing. He only takes one nap a day but it is usually 3-4 hours long.. He loves to pray and he will mumble his own prayers then say AMEN! He is actually starting to eat A LOT better! He is still picky but he will actually try it, it is so nice! He is 26lbs. He loves cars! We are so happy to have Cannon in our family he makes me smile everyday!

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Stephanie said...

He is getting so big! I especially love the last pic of your two kids together.