Thursday, June 2, 2011


Cannon was feeding the goats sticks.

Grandpa Rova and Cannon. We went to the fire department where my dad works and the kids were running around and all the firemen were chasing them.. They loved it.

Mia and Alaya feeding the goats. It was soo windy!

Getting the horse ready to ride.

Uncle Billy and Cannon riding the horse.

Cannon was just checking out the goats.

Alaya caught putting grass in Prestons shirt.

Cannon playing with toys.

Kids playing baseball with Grandpa

Alaya running the bases

Uncle Dillon taking the kids for a ride on the 4-wheeler.

Girls got to ride in the trailer.

My mom and I, Yes I know we look alike.

Waiting to ride the 4-wheeler

Me and the kids drove down to Arizona for my lil brothers Graduation(which I dont have any pictures of). The kids got to ride my grandpas horse, 4-wheeler, played outside the whole time, played baseball, played with 8 dogs, ate the best wings,got to eat a lot of good food. We had a good time, minus all the windy days. I would rather have snow then wind. But hey it was good to see my family and Congrats to Dillon for Graduating HS.. Thanks Mom and Dad for a good time!!

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