Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Random Pictures

Adam and my dad doing donut eating contest
Amelia, Grandma R, Alaya

Kate, Preston, Amelia, Alaya

Alaya riding her Great Grandpas Horse.

Carving her pumpkin

Static from the tramp.

Alayas 3rd birthday party
3 years old
riding her new horse.

She looks mad haha! she was riding the 4 wheeler with uncle Dillon

Adam, Grandma and Grandpa S, Alaya, Me
Aunt Linda, Uncle Woody and Alaya saying our good bye!

Alaya on her 3rd birthday.
These are random pictures from the past few months.


r said...

Great pictures! Alaya doesn't by any chance love horses, does she? :D She is getting so grown up and is so beautiful!

Carrian said...

Love the update!! She looooves horses, my goodness!

Julianna and Mark Weeks and Family said...

I woluld like you to e-mail or txt me the photos of great-grandpa's horse. thanx. if you need either one let me know. thanx.

Anonymous said...

alaya we enjoyed having you down to visit us . You are such a sweet and precious little girl . Grandma & Grandpa love you bunches . You Looked so cute riding great grandpas house such a BIG girl !!!!!Grandma & Grandpa Rova