Friday, November 13, 2009


So Adam finally took his Utah EMT tests and passed both of them last week. After we found out on Tuesday he passed I went and printed off his test results, typed up his resume. Thursday he went and got his driving record and faxed off his application to Gold Cross Ambulance. Thursday afternoon they called him to go in today for a interview. 11:00 am today he had an interview. He came home and said it went really well and that they will call him sometime before Monday. AHHH more waiting.......... Well we got a phone call around 5pm tonight telling Adam he got HIRED!!!!! YAY!!! His first day is on the 19th. Its up in SLC which I guess is better cause he will get a lot more experience. So HUGE BLESSING!!! Thank you soo much for all your prayers!!!


Michelle said... news we've had all DAY! So excited for you guys. Congrats Adam!! Settling back in to Utah quite well, eh!? :)

Eugene said...

DEar Crystal and Adam and Alaya. We are so HAPPY for you all . WOW what faith!!!Now with a month to go you have a home and a future. You knew the Lord would bless you and you were put to the test and passed!! WE admire your faith and strength. You have MUCH to thank your Heavenly Father for. I Love you. Great Grandpa and Grandma K

Ashley and Andrew said...

Congrats! What a relief and such good timing! Just before new baby gets here! That's great!