Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween was fun!! Alaya and I drove back up to Utah Friday night with my parents. Saturday we has fun... We went to my sisters ward party and ate chili and played games there. Then we came home got the kiddos ready to go around the block for some good ol' trick or treat time. Alaya was soo funny to watch. She was knock on the door and yell "trick or treat" before they even opened the door. She got it down pretty good! She was a princesses at the Halloween party then a kitty cat during the night (sorry no pictures yet).

Our apt will be ready this weekend sometime so we need are just trying to figure things out with our storage and when we can exactly move in because Adam will be testing probably all day Sat. Which means I will be moving if we have to move on sat, which I can't do and I doubt that Adam is going to let me do that. I can barely pick up and carry Alaya let alone a lot of boxes. Adam took his written EMT tests yesterday and PASSED!! He came in and said it was easy, of course, Mr. Smarty Pants. We are still waiting to hear from everywhere he has applied for a job (please pray for us!!). He has applied everywhere but Mc Donald's. Its just frustrating to have to wait! But that is the story of our lives. Once he passes his test this sat he can apply for an ambulance service out here.

I meet with my new doctors next Friday to see how baby boy is doing and where I need to go for when I deliver. I only have 5 and half more weeks left till my due date, which I pray he will come a lil sooner, but not too soon. Anyways Thank You to everyone that has helped us and is praying for us!! WE APPRECIATE IT!!!


r said...

Can't wait for Halloween pictures :) Hooray for finding an apartment (I hope you can get moved in all right) and Hooray for Adam passing his exams! We pray for him to find a job soon.

Jeremiah and Heidi said...

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Good luck on the job hunt!

reyn and heidi said...

BUSY BUSY! Good job Adam on passing the test! Good luck tomorrow (sat)!
I can't believe you only have 5 1/2 weeks left! That's just soo crazy! I can't wait til little baby boy Smith gets here! But I can wait long enough for you guys to get settled in your place. You are such a trooper Crystal! I hope and pray that Adam gets the job with the ambulance company. that would be wonderful! Good luck! I love and miss you!
oh and i do want to see pictures of Alaya on Halloween!