Saturday, March 6, 2010

Update on life

Our house- I feel much safer now, Adam blessed our house.
Cannon- got a cold 8 days ago, started off with a runny nose, Thursday took him to the doc cause he started to get a cough (coughs freak me out). Doc said just a bad cold keep doing saline and nose sucking. Today he got a fever of 100.1, I immediately called the doc. Took him in and he has DOUBLE ear infections. Just great!! Hopefully now his cold and ear aches will go away. He was only fussy a lil bit today when he had his fever, but he has been a good baby for being as sick as he is. I just hope he gets better soon!! He will be 3 months on the 11th of March and he got weighed tonight and he is 14.13lbs. He is starting to get rolls on his arms, OH I love it!! He loves baths and I am guarenteed to get peed on at least twice everytime I bath him. He thinks its funny too and will smile as Im trying to dodge it.
Alaya- has done alot of things this past week that have just shocked me. 1st she went to sunbeams all by herself without crying and us forcing her to go, She slept most of the night out on the couch by herself the other night (she was tossing and turning bad in our bed so I put a movie on for her and she feel asleep), She wore pant (jeans) for the first time since October 2009. She will only wear dresses now cause she says her pants get all twisted, but she didnt throw a fit at all when I put them on her.She started going to preschool once a week and LOVES it, it is soo good for her right now. She has been telling me a lot lately that she loves me and that I am her mommy. I LOVE IT!! She loves it when Adam comes home from his long 24 hour shift. She loves holding Cannon and talking to him.
WE are so blessed for 2 amazing kids!! WE love them sooooo much!!
Adam- He is working like CRAZY!!!!! he did his first CPR on a patient the other day. He is getting a lot of experience and he LOVES every min. It is soo good to see him Happy and loving his job and helping people. He has also been making Amazing Orange Julis, they are soo yummy! He works so hard then comes home and helps me with the kids and around the house, AHHH I LOVE HIM!!!
Me- I am just really busy with the kids, cleaning (trying to keep up on my house), sleeping, cooking, grocery shopping, watching a lil girl during the week, taking Alaya and Cannon places, spending time with Adam when he is home. AHHH I am just so ready for summer to finally be here :o) I am also so grateful for my amazing family, especially my hubby!!

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r said...

It's nice to hear what's going on :) I'm glad you're feeling safer at home now! And that Cannon is getting better. Poor guy! I had a couple ear infections last summer and, other than mastitis, I've never been in so much pain. I love how girly Alaya is! Hazel still doesn't care what I put her in. It's kind of getting frustrating though, she makes me put her panties back on after she's gone to the potty. She needs to build just a little bit more independence :D

I miss you guys! I can't wait to meet Cannon one day...We're planning on coming out this August so we'll have to plan on meeting up, maybe to play at our old Time Square park :)