Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cannon is 4 months!

All ready for church, they are sooo dang cute!
Soon Cannon will be holding Alaya, he is growing so fast!

Trying to get a picture of us, minus Adam.
My handsome boy.
Alaya will only hold Cannon like this. He is soo big that she can't hold him any other way, but check out her fingers locked tightly. She also loves looking at him in the eyes when she is holding him. They already have a great sibling bond.

She is always kissing him and I mean ALWAYS!
Cannon is already 4 months old today. Man o man where is the time going? Tomorrow he goes in for his 4 month appointment with the doc. He is seriously growing like a weed and I think Adam will have to get another job to just feed him. He eats all the time!! He is so much fun though we all enjoy having him in our family. He has been rolling over a lot more. Talks like crazy, drools, sucks him bottom lip, smiles all the time, loves Alaya, gets excited to see Adam, wants to eat our food (haha!), grabs his toys on his own. Alaya is doing so well with Gymnastics! She is improving every week and can do cartwheels, back bends, flips over the bars and so much more. It is so fun watching her improve more and more each week. We are signing her up for a summer preschool/gymnastics class. It is one day a week for 3 hours. They do 2hours and 15 mins of academics and then 45 min in the gym. They also go on field trips and such. It will be good for her. We will also keep her in her gymnastics class that she is doing now. She is growing up so fast and she also just had her first sleep over at our house with her cousins the other night. They all had a blast (and I forgot to take pictures of course).

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Carrian said...

I love when babies suck their bottom lip! So cute!