Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Grandma Rova and Cannon

They were all watching TV.

Cannon and Scarlet
Cannon is thinking "wow BIG flower" haha!

Dang cute!
It was cute they were holding hands.

Alaya waiting her turn on the bar.

Jumping into the donut. She is soo strong!

Doing her backbend.
Kicking over.
Crawling on the balance beam.

Showing me her cartwheel. It is getting so much better!

Her new leotard. Her other one she kept picking wedgies so it was time to get a new one haha!

Alaya posing!

Lil man enjoying the warm afternoon sun.
These are all random pictures cause I have been slacking on posting them. First of all my mom has been here in Utah for a week now and will leave on sat to go back to AZ. My sister Felisha had her baby GIRL last sunday the 18. She had an infection so she had to stay in the hospital for a week and she was able to come home on MONDAY the 26th. Her name is Brinlee Makelle Hurst (hopefully spelled middle name right). She is beautiful!!! We went and visited out friends Spencer, Britt and their new baby Scarlet. It was really good to see them and we were also able to see a few guys that we went out to Kansas with too. Alaya is getting so good at Gymnastics, I know I say that every time I post about her doing it but she really is! We enrolled her into a summer pre-school and gymnastic class. She will go on wed for 3 hours. It will be good for her to get out of the house and to develop learning and gymnastic skills. Cannon is growing fast, too fast actually. He is 18.3 lbs now! He has really bad reflux so the doc put him on some meds to help with it for 30 days. Hopefully it will get better soon cause it seems to bother him and It is a lot to clean up when he pukes. So far the meds seem to be helping. Adam is getting ready to run his first half marathon this weekend. (pictures to come) He is the skinniest I have ever seen him......175lbs.... He is working hard to get ready for his Marathon in June, Crazy!!! He has also had really bad allergies, which we hope that they get better soon!! He took his driving test for his work, so he can start driving the ambulance and he passed. So he gets to start picking up driving shifts come the 2nd week in May, EXCITING!!!! Hope everyone is have a great SPRING! We miss you all!


Carrian said...

So excited for Adam!!! How cute is that pic of Cannon staring at the flower hahaha

reyn and heidi said...

busy busy times! :) YAY Adam driver status now :) That's great. And my goodness Cannon is gettin so big! He is so dang cute! GO ALAYA doing so good at gymnastics. How fun. Looks like things are all going good for you guys. :)

Julianna and Mark Weeks and Family said...

So cute. His eyes are so big when looking at the flower. classic photo. How old is alaya, she is getting big, and growing up so fast. Love you all stay in touch.