Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The Bunny ate a lot! hehe and had some orange smoothies too!
Rice crispy carrot for the Easter Bunny! We didnt want to leave a Boring Carrot!

Alaya with the finished eggs

They look so much alike in this picture.

He loved looking at all the colorful eggs.
The start of coloring eggs

Tried to get them both to smile. Just doesnt work so well.
Alaya getting ready to go get some eggs.

Alaya and Adam went egg hunting while Cannona and I stayed in the car. It was just way too cold for him to be outside. We had a really chill easter just stayed home and watch General Conference. I really liked having GC on Easter! This session there were a lot of amazing talks and I grateful we were able to watch it online (we dont have tv). Alaya enjoyed making the rice crispy carrot for the bunny and was shocked that he ate so much (he was craving rice crispy treats for awhile now) hehe! Hope everyone had an awesome easter!!

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r said...

Love the rice crispy carrot! Much better than a real one :) Cute pictures.