Saturday, September 18, 2010

9 months!!

This is Cannons new smile, he does it all the time and WE LOVE IT!!
He is such a happy baby!
One of his many looks he gives us.
Check out his two bottom teeth. I forgot how much teething is. blah!!
I think he was screaming in this pic, he loves to scream.

HOLY COW!!! Seriously already 9mo. Im a lil late posting, but Cannon turned 9 mo on the 11th. This is a huge milestone cause he is doing so much and growing so much all at once.. Some things Cannon is now doing. Crawling, climbing, discovered toilets have water which are fun to play in, loves to knock over the living room lamp, play in Alayas room, loves food, loves to have a blanket in one had and suck his thumb (this is really cute), he has his two bottom front teeth and is getting his two top teeth, loves being outside, loves his daddy, loves ruby the rat, loves his car seat, loves his bed. I could go on! His reflux is getting a lot better, but now that he eats more solids is more nasty. His 9 mo doc appointment went great! He is 21lbs and 29 inches. Cannon looks just like Adam, it is soo dang cute!! We are so blessed to have two amazing kids, we love them soo much!!

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