Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This Friday Adam will be working at the DEW TOUR in Salt Lake City. He will be there if any of the pros get hurt, he gets to be right upfront next to all the ramps, he will probably be able to shake hands with all the pros. Im so jealous!!! They said that he will be on TV a lot too soo if you guys have nothing else better to do than watch the Dew Tour and watch for Adam on TV!!! Did I also mention that he is 1 of the 4 guys that got picked to work the Dew Tour. And 1 out of a big list of people that wanted to work at the Dew Tour that got picked!!! Yes I can brag!! So anyways the Dew Tour will be live on NBC the 16-19 and Adam will be working on the 17th..Let us know if you see him!!!

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