Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cute picture! Minus-Alaya has ketchup on her mouth and Cannon has snot from his nose.
Getting ready to go to Alayas Gymnastic class. Which oh my goodness she is doing do many big things! Standing back bend, Handstand and cartwheels on the beam, walking on the high beams, back bend walk over, doing handstand on the high bar. Its amazing and soo dang cute!! Her coaches always tell me how talented she is. IT IS SO TRUE!!!!

Alaya adores Cannon
Alayas hair is getting really long, she is just so beautiful!!

Kisses and hugs, momma loves her lil bugs

If Cannon wants to get your attention or see your face he will tilt his head until you look at him, just like this picture. They are both so much fun!

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Tara said...

They are both getting to be sooooooo big!

I forgot that you made your blog private so I hadn't been clicking over - just waiting for my blog role to tell me you had updated. Then I got to thinking about you guys this week and it dawned on me that I hadn't heard from you on FB or blog for a long time.... I can't find you on FB any more (did you delete that) and just remembered you went private on sorry! I'll remember next time.. I love watching your kiddos grow up - so cute!