Thursday, January 20, 2011


Well I must say that I am a huge fan of sunscreen now... This picture above is what I had to get done yesterday.. I went to the dermatologist back in Sept (I think it was) cause I had this weird growth looking thing on my chest. Well it ended up being skin cancer. The doc told me he usually doesn't see that form of skin cancer on people until they are 40, pretty much double my age. I also had him look at this other spot that I was worried about (which is above).. Well they removed them both and sent them both off to the lab. I got a call saying they need to scrap the rest of the cancer cells off on my chest and that the second one (above pic) needed to be sent off for a second opinion. So they got those results and they weren't good either. Well I didn't have insurance at the time so of course it was a very pricey visit (wasn't expecting to have problems, well I was hoping it was nothing). They also told me that the 2nd one was a mole and will need to have the core removed. I said well can they wait till Jan (that is when we get onto Adams work insurance) and they said the one on my chest can not wait but the 2nd one can.. So I got the first one scrapped back in October and went back yesterday to get the 2nd CUT out... Yeah a inch and half cut later with I don't know how many stitches. They also did a body scan and found 2 more spots to remove (those were BLACK freckle looking spots). All my friends and family know how much I loved to be tan..... Well now I am regretting it all.. I wish I was smarter when I was younger and used sunscreen. Its a scary thing and the doc told me he is so glad that I was worried about these spots cause they could have gotten to be very bad. I have always lubed my kids with sunscreen and will continue to do so. Now I not only have gross freckles I have scars.. Its lovely! USE SUNSCREEN!!!

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