Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas 2010

Alaya woke up right after Adam got home. She came into our room and said "Mom wake up it's Christmas!" I said "did Santa come?" She walked out and looked and came in and said "YES MOM HE DID!! COME LOOK!" She was very excited to see all the presents. (We dont put any presents under the tree till Christmas morning, makes things more exciting!) So we went out and waited for Adam to get out of the shower. Alaya and Cannon started off with their stockings. Alaya was in charge of handing out the presents to her and Cannon. She did good! Cannon knew what to do and he opened all his presents. The kids enjoyed Christmas this year! Then we got ready, packed and headed up to Heber where we met up with Adams Family..... To be Continued!

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