Monday, January 17, 2011

Adam in school!

This month has already been so crazy and I am sure the months are just going to keep getting more busy! Adam started school the first week of Jan. He is going to UVU full time and also working full time.. If he is not at school or work he is either at the kitchen table doing homework/studying or at school doing homework/studying. In his Theater class he has to go to so many our first one is this sat. Its called Oklahoma... Have you heard or seen? His plan is to continue to take a few classes over summer as well.. He also started a new shift at work so he can go to school.. So he works mon-thrus 7:30pm to 7:30 am then goes to school mon-fri during the day.. It has been a HUGE blessing for him to be in school and to also work. He still is working 48+ hrs a week at work.. I am so proud of him and he works sooo hard to get good grades and he is gonna succeed way over what is expected!I love you Ad Keep up the amazing work!! YOU ROCK!!

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