Friday, March 4, 2011


Alaya and I leaving the Fairy Land.

The lil fairies w big fairies
The King w all this Fairies.

Amelia and Alaya

Fairy food

Watching the Ballerina's

The King coming to join the party.

Fairies coming to join the party

Learning how to do a curtsy

Sorry the pictures are always backwards. You think I would learn after doing so many posts. Any who the fairy party was so much fun. When we first got there we were greeted by beautiful fairies, then was taken to the tooth fairy table.. All fairies got a necklace that was a fairy and then some fairy dust. We got to see each fairy walk across the stage and twirl and do a curtsy for the fairy king. Then we ate some delicious fairy food and went and visited all the fairies. Alaya had a blast and so did I. We will have to wait another year till we can return back to fairy land.

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r said...

How fun for the girls!