Saturday, March 12, 2011

Disney On Ice

Alaya finally figured out where we were. She was LOVING it.
The opening show

Alaya watching it.

Princesses and Princes


Jessie and Woody

Jessie, Buzz and Woody
We didnt tell Alaya where we were going to Disney On Ice until we sat down. She was way excited. Although she kept bugging me through the whole thing she wanted one of those spinning things that light up. Cannon started to get green gunk in his eyes and was crying pretty much the whole time. He was warm so Adam decided to leave and go get him some motrin. Adam missed the 2nd half of the show, and go back when it was over, I felt bad. But once Buzz and Woody came out Cannon stopped crying and was pointing and was loving it. I am also the worst mom cause I didnt get any pictures of the kids.. It was dark and the flash was way too bright, so no pictures of the kids and most of the pictures were blurry.

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